Yoga Pregnancy – Prenatal Yoga offers many benefits for women throughout their pregnancies.  These meditative exercises can help maintain fitness, ease anxiety and reduce pregnancy-related health issues. However, like any other activity, there are certain precautions pregnant women should heed to stay safe.

#5 – Be Prepared

Pregnant Yoga

Choose your classes wisely.  Pregnancy increases a woman’s metabolic rate and blood flow, so you may get warmer than usual.  Avoid classes without proper ventilation.

Room selection is key.  Place yourself near a door for easy access to the restroom and an exit.

Bring a water bottle!  Keep hydrated at all times.

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#4 – Some Poses Should Be Avoided

Some Yoga Poses Should Be Avoided When Pregnant

These are some yoga positions that experts are not sure will help mom and baby.

Avoid positions that:

  • Include jumping
  • Incorporate fast movement
  • Twist the body
  • Compress the body
  • Invert the body
  • Put pressure on the abdomen

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#3 – Avoid Poses That Are Too Challenging

Avoid Poses That Are Too Challenging When Pregnant

Yoga should not hurt.

If you feel discomfort, you may be doing a pose incorrectly or overstretching.

Listen to your body and stay within your comfort zone.

#2 – Never Hold A Pose Longer Than Is Comfortable

Never Hold A Pose When Pregnant Longer Than Is Comfortable

If a certain pose or stretch is making you feel lightheaded, stop immediately.

Your ability to perform certain poses will change as your pregnancy progresses.

Safety is paramount, and awareness of any developing discomfort is key to maintaining that.

#1 – Learn From A Trained Practitioner

Learn From A Trained Practitioner

There are plenty of online yoga programs, but this may not be the time for them.

Attend specific yoga classes that are geared toward pregnant women.

Check with your doctor prior to attending any class.

Then, work closely with a trained yoga instructor during the course of your pregnancy.

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