What Causes Heat Rash In Infants –  Parents are responsible for making sure that their baby is well taken care of which means that any sign of blemishes, bruises, or even rashes that appear on the skin of their little one, well, there is a tendency to feel panic just a little bit.

Infant heat rash is not really uncommon as the rashes tend to appear when the baby is sweating a lot because of the hot weather.  The sweat glands of babies are not yet fully formed so the excess sweat that they have can spill over their skin cells which is the reason why these rashes develop especially on skin folds such as around the neck, arms, and legs.  When these red bumps appear, you know that your baby will feel uncomfortable and irritable too.

What Causes Heat Rash In Infants
Easy Remedies For Infant Heat Rash
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What Causes Heat Rash In Infants
What Causes Heat Rash In Infants?

What Causes Heat Rash In Infants – For parents, understanding what infant heat rash is all about can be a good start to prevent it from happening in the first place. Well, there are many reasons why prickly heat occurs but here are the top three causes of baby heat rash that you should know of.

Blocked Pores Can Cause Baby Heat Rash
Blocked Pores

What Causes Heat Rash In Infants – Skin rash, such as miliaria rubra, can be triggered because the pores of your baby’s skin are clogged with sweat, dirt, dust, and oils. Since the sweat ducts of your baby are still in the developing stage, they may not have the means to regulate the temperature in their body when the temperature is rising. When this happens, heat rash miliaria will appear which can be itchy, swollen, and have the appearance of red bumps that are hot to the touch. Although these rashes may not be itchy at times, there are instances that they can be, which can be irritating to your baby. There is also a danger of your baby suffering from heat exhaustion because of miliaria rubra where the blocked pores don’t release the heat in their body which can be dangerous when it is not addressed immediately.

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Too Many Layers Of Clothing Can Cause Heat Rash
What Causes Heat Rash In Infants – Too Many Clothing Layers

What else can cause infant heat rash to appear? Well, parents do have the tendency to go overboard when it comes to dressing up their baby especially when they have to go outdoors. Unfortunately, the humid weather can cause your baby to overheat which can lead to rashes appearing on their skin. This is one of the reasons why you should keep an eye on the number of clothing you are making your baby wear. If the temperature is rising, a single layer of clothing is enough and it should be made from cotton too to keep your baby cool.

Heat And Moisture In Skin Folds Can Cause Heat Rash
Heat And Moisture

What Causes Heat Rash In Infants– Another possible cause for infant heat rash to appear is when there is heat and moisture trapped in certain parts of the skin such as in the diaper area. You’ve probably seen diaper rash appearing on your baby’s buttocks especially during the warm season or when you left the wet diaper on for hours. Heat and moisture is a favorite combination for rashes to appear so it is important that you keep your baby clean and cool at all times.

What Causes Heat Rash In Infants
Easy Remedies For Infant Heat Rash
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Easy Home Remedies For Infant Heat Rash
Easy Remedies For Infant Heat Rash

Baby rash can occur from time to time, more often during hot and humid temperatures, and can be a source of irritation and discomfort for your baby. Infant heat rash can also be triggered by seborrheic dermatitis which is a skin condition that is triggered by blocked pores caused by excessive oil being produced by the skin. Since your baby’s skin is still developing, it is up to you to keep your baby cool as much as possible. The good news is that there are easy remedies to help you prevent and even treat the red rash that has appeared on your baby’s skin.

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Loose Clothing Helps Prevent Infant Heat Rash
Loose Clothing

If you want to prevent infant heat rash during the summer, make sure that you dress your baby in loose clothing. Cotton is a good option especially when the temperature is high as it is comfortable and cool to wear. Avoid layers of clothing as it can cause body heat to go up in babies which can trigger infant heat rash.

Go Easy On Laundry Detergents Can Help Prevent Heat Rash
Go Easy On Detergents

It’s nice that you are washing your baby’s clothes regularly but infant heat rash can be triggered because of an allergic reaction to the detergent that you are using. When it comes to washing your baby’s clothes, go easy on the fabric softener that you are using.

A Wet Washcloth Can Help Prevent Infant Heat Rash
Wet Washcloth

If your baby is becoming irritable because of the heat or sweating too much, wet a clean washcloth and wipe your baby down. This will help lower their body temperature and reduce the amount of sweating that they are producing too so there will be less infant heat rash appearing.

Keep Your Infant’s Nails Trimmed
Trim Nails

You won’t be able to watch your baby all the time so there is a tendency that they scratch the rashes that appear on their skin. Unfortunately, this can make the infant heat rash even worse. Make sure that you trim their nails so they won’t break the skin when they happen to get irritated by the itching.

Keep Your Baby Comfortable By Turning On A Fan
Turn On The Fan

Install an oscillating fan in the bedroom or where your baby is at to help him or her stay cool even during the summer. Keep the windows open so fresh air can circulate too which is important to keep their body temperature down to prevent infant heat rash from forming.

Infant heat rash may happen from time to time especially during the summer when the temperature is high. However, this rash can appear even in winter when you bundle your baby too much that they sweat a lot. Just make sure that your baby is comfortable at the right temperature. Watch out for telltale signs that your baby is becoming fussy or irritable so you will know what steps to take.

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Heat Rash On Babies – How To Easily Identify, Treat & Prevent Heat Rash

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