Many parents believe that when a product is labeled “natural,” it must be good for their baby.

However, the most informed parents are those that read beyond the label.

Natural Does Not Mean Organic
Natural Baby Products #5 – Natural Does Not Mean Organic

Natural products don’t go through the same rigorous accreditation process as organically-certified products.

That leaves the potential for unsafe or untested ingredients to be included in the manufacturing process.

Some Natural Products Can Irritate Your Baby’s Skin
Natural Baby Products #4 – Some Natural Products Can Irritate Your Baby’s Skin

The skin is our largest organ and babies have very delicate skin.

Some natural products that contain flower/herb extracts or fragrances can irritate a baby’s skin.

Some Products Don’t Deliver
Natural Baby Products #3 – Some Products Don’t Deliver

There are insect repellents that are deemed to be made with natural ingredients and just don’t work.

In fact, a few of them can be actually harmful to small children.

Always check with your doctor for what he recommends for use on babies and young kids.

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Natural Products Toxicity
Natural Baby Products #2 – Toxicity

According to the FDA, natural ingredients are those that are directly extracted from plants or animals as opposed to being produced synthetically.

It does not address toxicity at all.

In fact, many natural plants can also be toxic to the human body.

(This can include not only baby lotions and soaps but such items as teething medicine as well.)

Deceptive Natural Product Labels
Natural Baby Products #1 – Deceptive Labels

Unfortunately, some manufacturers “push the truth” with labeling.

Parents shouldn’t stop when they see the word “natural” on a label.

They should scrutinize the product wording for harsh chemicals or natural ingredients that have dangerous side effects.

Even something as widely used as mineral oil can cause respiratory problems when inhaled.

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