Your child’s skin is soft and sensitive.

Soaps made for adults are harsher and can dry out their skin.

Many adult soaps contain fragrance and deodorant that can cause skin irritation.

Babies and Toddlers

Babies and Toddlers Soap

Many pediatricians do not support giving babies daily baths.

Rather, bathe three times a week and when they get dirty.

Just lather the areas that are soiled such as the bottom, privates, armpits and knees (once they start crawling).

The rest of the body can be washed with warm water.

Baby soap should be used as your child is quite soft and sensitive during this time.



Best Natural Soap For Child

During childhood, you can expect a lot of baths.

Days are spent exploring, playing and touching everything.

It is a time of discovery and a time of mess.

Continue to use baby soap so that the skin does not get irritated with ample bathing.

It is during childhood that allergies often emerge.

MADE OF Ultimate Transparency PromisePuberty

Best Soap For Puberty

During puberty, your child’s skin again grows sensitive.

Beauty soaps are generally filled with harsh chemicals.

You especially want to avoid these soaps as they can cause increased skin irritation.

Baby soaps are free of fragrance and harmful chemicals, and they are a healthy alternative to regular soaps for your child.

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