Organic Lotion For Babies – An infant’s skin is still developing. This means that their sensitive skin may be affected by products that are harsh on the skin. Unfortunately, many commercial skin care products being sold today contain tons of ingredients, making it crucial to read the list of ingredients on their labels [1].

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Organic Lotion For BabiesCommon Ingredients In Baby Lotions

Many consumers are paying closer attention to what goes inside most lotions and baby products. It can be concerning to learn a lotion for babies may be packed with arguably unnecessary ingredients. The following are a few ingredients that may require a closer look.


Synthetic Fragrance in lotions is deemed a trade secret, so companies are not required to disclose what ingredients are used to create the fragrance for their products. This prevents parents from knowing if a baby is absorbing unnecessary synthetic compounds. Keep in mind that fragrances also may cause skin irritation or inflammation on a little one’s delicate skin.


This preservative is often used to prevent the formation of bacteria or mold in skin care products including lotions used for dry skin. Parabens are known to trigger hormone disruption in some people.

Mineral oil

When reading the list of ingredients in many commercial baby products, mineral oil is typically listed as baby oil. Baby oil is basically a mixture of fragrance and petrolatum which boils down to one thing; it is a product that comes from petroleum. Petroleum is a crude oil which, when introduced to a little one’s skin, can trigger allergic reactions. Mineral oil can cause skin clog pores which can lead to skin irritation.

Propylene glycol

This ingredient is commonly found in wiper fluid, so it may be surprising to find it in baby lotions. Companies usually add low levels deemed safe, to lotions to speed up the absorption rate. But is it necessary?

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Organic Lotion
Best Ingredients For Organic Lotion For Babies

Certain lotion ingredients are wholesome for babies. Here are a few ingredients that are typically used in natural lotion and organic lotion that are safe for little ones.

Organic coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the coconut’s meat and has gained quite a reputation because of its numerous health benefits. Not only is it packed with fatty acids, but it contains antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is good for a baby’s skin because it is a natural moisturizer.

Cetyl palmitate

Another ingredient that is good for a baby’s skin is cetyl palmitate as it helps the skin to retain moisture thus preventing dry skin.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is quite the versatile plant. It is often recommended for healing cuts, burns and bruises, and it is good for the digestive system. Aloe vera gel is packed with minerals, vitamins, amino acids and active enzymes that help the skin retain moisture.

It combats free radicals from damaging the skin thanks to the antioxidants that it contains. It soothes the skin which is essential for babies, especially around the diaper area. Plus, it acts as a UV protector. No wonder all natural baby lotion products today make use of this ingredient.

Organic olive oil

Olive oil is considered a natural emollient which makes the skin soft. It delivers several fatty acids such as palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids. It acts as an antioxidant and is high in vitamin E. When applied on the skin, organic olive oil keeps it soft, smooth and supple. The oil soothes irritation.

Xanthan gum

This is a natural ingredient that gives lotion viscosity and texture. It helps bind the water and oil-based ingredients to prevent separation. It is 100% plant-derived and gentle on the skin.

Moisturizing Organic Baby Lotion

Benefits Of Organic Baby Lotion
Benefits Of Organic Lotion For Babies

The following are a few reasons why making the switch to organic baby lotion is highly recommended.

Free from harsh ingredients

There are several skin types. Some people have dry itchy skin, while there are those who just have dry skin. At the other end of the spectrum, there is oily skin. Of course, there are several types of skin in between these. A lotion that will be compatible with all of them is ideal. Feel confident that there are no harsh chemicals in natural lotion. This may help reduce the likelihood of having an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

Promotes healthy skin

Another reason to try an organic lotion such as MADE OF is that it promotes healthy skin. The ingredients that are used in all natural lotion may include those listed above and other types of essential oil like organic jojoba oil, coconut oil and lavender oil. All of these have moisturizing effects on a little one’s skin.

Prevents irritation and inflammation

The ingredients used in a natural lotion can help protect a baby’s skin from inflammation and irritation, especially around the diaper area where rashes often accumulate. Applying the lotion after bathing can be a huge relief to the skin.

MADE OF Organic Baby Lotion
MADE OF Organic Lotion For Babies

Try award winning MADE OF organic baby lotion. This baby lotion helps to retain the moisture levels in a little one’s skin to prevent dryness. It is not greasy and is easily absorbed because of the organic oats and aloe vera. The other ingredients included in this organic lotion also provide multiple benefits[2].

Argan oil

This oil is packed with fatty acids such as linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids. Because it is a non-comedogenic type of oil, it will not clog a baby’s pores. It leaves no greasy residue which makes application easier.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil functions as a skin conditioning agent in many lotions, sunscreens and baby creams. It contains oleic acid which is nourishing for the skin. Since it is grown organically, it can be applied safely to a baby’s skin.

Gluten-free oats

Oats in baby lotion soothe irritation on the skin. This extract is gluten-free to reduce the risk of allergic reactions on sensitive skin. If a little one is suffering from dry skin with flakes, the gluten-free oats in MADE OF Organic Baby Lotion treat and nourish the skin.

Stearic acid

This plant-based vegetable oil is often used in baby products because it acts as an emulsifier, surfactant and natural fragrance.

Organic Lotion For Babies
A Last Word About Organic Lotion For Babies

Never compromise a baby’s skin when buying baby products. Choosing organic products like MADE OF Organic Baby Lotion is highly recommended. This baby lotion is free from parabens, phthalates, fragrance and other harsh ingredients. It will nourish and hydrate a baby’s skin, while it is at its most fragile. Even if the skin becomes dry or irritated, organic lotions are effective in delivering moisture.

In terms of long-term effects, reconsider using commercial baby lotions, even though they may smell nice. This is especially true if you child has sensitive skin. Whether you want to moisturize your skin or your baby’s, MADE OF organic baby lotion is the best there is!

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[1]   EWG’s Top 5 Tips For Choosing; Safer Cosmetics For Kids, Updated January 2018.

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