There is an endless array of baby clothes.

And infant outfits can be complicated and difficult to open for diaper changes.

Opt for clothing items that will make life with a newborn much easier.

Baby Socks vs Coveralls With Feet

Baby Socks vs Coveralls With Feet

When dealing with baby socks, one size does not fit all.

Many times socks will either fall off because they are too large, or worse, can cause rings around the ankles from elastic that is too tight.

Some parents choose coveralls with feet or loose booties which may be a better option.

Pullovers vs Button / Snaps

Pullovers vs Button Snaps

Protecting your baby’s neck and head is extremely important.

Your baby’s skull has soft spots, and he has no neck support.

You must be careful not to hyperextend, twist your baby, or move them too quickly.

Pullover tops and outfits are very popular but should be pulled over your baby’s neck carefully.

Button snaps may be a better alternative.

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Back vs Front Fasteners

Back vs Front Fasteners

It’s easy to unsnap a baby outfit unless it’s located in the back.

Continuously snapping and unsnapping the back of an outfit requires turning your baby on their side or bending them over on your lap.

It’s not easy for you or your baby. Use front fasteners for easy access to diapers.

Seek Function Over Fashion

Seek Function Over Fashion

Opt for clothing that is designed for functionality.

The changing process should be quick and easy for both parent and newborn.

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