Newborn Baby Girl – First time parents often prepare for many sleepless nights, and endless diaper changing and feeding, which is a good practice since your little one will not be doing much during the first few weeks, except to eat, sleep, and move their bowels. But if you think that these are the only things that they will be doing, think again. It’s true that there are specific developments per week, but there are some that may surprise you.

Newborn Baby Girl
What Should I Expect From My Newborn Baby Girl
First Month Changes With A Newborn Baby Girl
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Newborn Baby Girl
What Should I Expect From My Newborn Baby Girl?

Having a newborn baby girl is a delightful experience. You’re probably making plans on what dresses you are going to buy for her, accessories for her to wear and whatnot. But before you fast forward yourself to the time when you can shop for cute outfits, here are a few things that you should expect from your little bundle of joy.

She’s already listening

Even before you give birth to your little girl, your baby is already listening to her environment. This is why, doctors and health practitioners recommend that you talk to your baby even while she is in your womb. Two days after birth, your baby will be able to recognize your voice effortlessly.

Babies crawl after birth

Scientists from Norway have discovered that placing a newborn baby on the mother’s stomach will cause the baby to crawl her way up to the breast to feed.

She knows when she’s cold and when she’s hot

Babies have this coping mechanism that allow them to determine whether they are feeling too cold or hot. If your newborn baby girl is feeling cold, she will be squirming in her bed until she finds a warm position. On the other hand, if she is feeling hot, she will be flinging her arms and legs about to find a cooler position.

Newborn Baby Girl
What Should I Expect From My Newborn Baby Girl
First Month Changes With A Newborn Baby Girl
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What Should I Expect From My Newborn Baby Girl
First Month Changes With A Newborn Baby Girl

Week One

It’s true that there are plenty of surprising facts to learn about your baby during the first few days, but let’s go down to what you can expect to happen during the first week. Around 3 to 5 days, your baby may develop jaundice, which can begin from the head, and work its way down to the feet. This can happen when there is a buildup of bilirubin in the bloodstream thus triggering the tell-tale yellow color. Have your baby checked as soon as possible.

Another thing that you can expect during the first week is that you may experience pain during breastfeeding. This may be due to improper latch, cracks on your nipple, and so on. If shooting pain occurs every time you breastfeed, it is always a good idea to talk to a lactation consultant. A lactation consultant will be able to show you the different breastfeeding positions to ease the pain in your nipples as well as how to correctly latch your baby on your breast. Mothers who talked to a lactation consultant experienced a significant amount of relief afterwards because they were able to correct their breastfeeding techniques to suit their baby [1].

Week Two

Your baby may still be dropping weight at two weeks, but this usually stops at day 10 or 11. Afterwards, your baby will gain back their birth weight. You don’t have to weigh your baby every day to see if she has gained weight. Once a month for the first six months is enough to know if your little girl is feeding enough or if you need to step up your feeding routine to help her gain her weight.

Your baby will be able to notice you if you are close by, so use this opportunity to make eye contact, and chat with your little girl. Use your feeding time to engage your baby or when she wakes up. Keep in mind though that her vision can only work for objects or people who are close by, but she can distinguish your voice at this point as well. Although your baby will still be sleeping 17 hours or more, it is okay to start a routine where you will teach them the difference between night and day. Keep the house bright during the day and play with your little one at this point but keep your surroundings dark when it is night time. It wouldn’t hurt to train your newborn baby girl on the difference between day and night.

Week Three

At this point, you will be able to differentiate the ways your baby cries, but this can still be a hit or miss on your part. Babies use crying as a means of communicating, so you will need to know the different nuances in the tone of their voice.  If your little one tends to cry for more than three hours a day, usually early in the evenings, it is possible that your baby has colic. Lay them across your lap and massage their back gently to remove any bad wind that has entered here body. Removing the excess air in their body will make them feel better soon enough.

Just like in the first two weeks, talking to your baby at this point is highly encouraged since your baby will be listening and even copying the sounds that you are making. The oohs and aahs will be there so encourage your baby to talk to you.

There are times too, when you’ll feel a little lonely during the third week, especially when your partner has gone back to work. Getting in touch with friends or asking your family members to drop by can help ease the loneliness that you are feeling. You can avoid depression when you have others to be with you and help you with raising your little girl.

Week Four

What to expect from your newborn baby girl at four weeks? Well, your baby girl will be more active at this point so now is the perfect time for you to put bold colored toys and cloth covered books nearby. The colors will fascinate them already. At this point, your little girl will be reaching for her toys, but her coordination is still developing. Allow your little one to explore her body by showing her hands, legs, and feet. You can croon a lullaby too for an added fun for your baby girl.

Another thing that you should consider during the fourth week is that your baby’s body is not yet capable of regulating body temperature, so if you are going outside when it is cold, make sure that her hands and feet are covered. If it is hot, dress your baby appropriately. Watch out for tell-tale signs that your baby is uncomfortable when she tends to squirm a lot in her crib or stroller [2].

Week Five

At week five, your little girl has experienced some growth spurt which happens around the 4th or 6th week. Their hearing and eyesight will be developing too, so time to bring out the musical toys and let them hear more of their surroundings. Although your little one is becoming fascinated with more complex colors, their memory is still developing so they may forget what they have just seen. On a good note, she will be remembering you, your voice, and your scent which is why you should cuddle with your baby at this point.

Another development at week 5 is that your little girl will be more alert, staying awake up to 10 hours per day. At this point, you will need to create a sleep routine already, so you and your little girl will be able to sleep better at night. You can start by giving your baby a bath, massaging your little one, and playing some soft music in the bedroom with the lights dimmed to create a restful environment. Teaching your baby the circadian rhythm is possible, by bringing her outside during the day, and turning down the lights once night sets in. This pattern can help her circadian rhythm become in sync with yours. Remember, you too will need plenty of rest.

Caring for your newborn little girl is going to be exciting and challenging at the same time, especially if you are a first-time mom, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for it. Aside from the constant feeding and changing of diapers, you can also expect to see different signs of development for your baby. Use the guidelines mentioned above to know what you will be seeing in your baby during the first few weeks of life. This way, not only will you know when you are on the right track, but you can also take steps to prevent certain health issues like colic from happening.

Having a newborn baby girl at home is going to be an enjoyable experience, true, which is why learning what to expect for each week can help you become a better parent because you know what awaits you each week.

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Newborn Baby Girl
What Should I Expect From My Newborn Baby Girl
First Month Changes With A Newborn Baby Girl

Everything You Need To Know About Caring For A Newborn Baby Boy

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