Newborn Baby Facts – Everyone has a vision of how their newborn will look. Usually, it involves an angelic face, giggles for days and lots of fresh baby smell. However, being born is hard work, and sometimes the results are evident. Here are the top 9 cool newborn baby facts.  Not only are these amazing facts about newborn babies true but they are extremely common.

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Newborn Baby Facts #9 – The Conehead

Newborn Baby Facts

Forget the Gerber baby.

There’s a good chance your newborn’s head will be misshapen.

That’s because they have spent time being wedged in your pelvis and coming down the birth canal.

Don’t worry. The cone head will eventually even out.

Cool Newborn Baby Facts #8 – Compressed Facial Features

Amazing Facts About Newborn Babies

Many babies are born looking a bit like trolls.

Fluid accumulated under the skin may make eyes look swollen.

Nostrils may be a bit squashed.

Just remember, babies are works in progress.

Amazing Facts About Newborn Babies #7 – Blistered Lips

Cool Newborn Baby Facts

Babies can be born with blisters on their lips.

Some babies enthusiastically suck their thumbs in the womb causing blisters to form.

Other babies develop nursing tubercles or calluses after birth from vigorous sucking on a breast or bottle.

Newborn Baby Facts #6 – Enlarged Features

Newborn Enlarged Features

Sometimes a baby boy has overly large testicles due to the pressure that is exerted during birth as well as fluids trapped in the tissue.

Genital swelling can also occur as a result of the mother’s hormones circulating in the body.

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Cool Newborn Baby Facts #5 – Strange Breathing

Newborns Breathing Strange

It is normal for babies to have some irregular breathing because their diaphragm and neurological systems are still developing.

A newborn’s breath can pause up to 20 seconds.

By six weeks of age, babies’ breathing patterns become more regular.

Amazing Facts About Newborn Babies #4 – Inconsolable Infant

Inconsolable Infant

Not all cries are alike.

With a little time, you will be able to tell if your child is hungry, tired or in need of a diaper change.

Be patient. Give babies the loving attention they need and want.

Newborn Baby Facts #3 – Flaky Skin

Newborn Baby With Flaky Skin

When babies are in the womb, they are protected by a coating of white, waxy material called vernix.

After birth, the vernix is rubbed away.

The outer layer of skin may dry out and begin to peel. Never pick at the skin.

It may not be ready to come off.

The flaking usually lasts 1-2 weeks. It is not necessary to moisturize the skin.

Cool Newborn Baby Facts #2 – Cold Toes And Fingers

Newborn Baby With Cold Toes And Fingers

Your baby’s circulatory system is still developing.

In fact, it can take up to 3 weeks to adapt entirely to life outside of the womb.

If your baby’s feet or hands appear blue or blotchy, put on socks or hand coverings.

Also, check your baby’s torso for warmth.

Amazing Facts About Newborn Babies #1 – It’s Not Diarrhea

Newborn Baby With Diarrhea

Babies have odd looking stools regardless if they are breastfed or bottle-fed.

Breastfed babies have seedy, mustard-colored stools that are more liquid in texture.

Bottle-fed infants have brown, slightly more solid bowel movements that are the consistency of soft ice cream.

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