Newborn Baby Bath Time – Not every kid loves baths.  In fact, some children seem to hate them. Instead of making bath time a burden, try these ideas to make this a time your child cherishes.

Your Baby Just Might Be A Night Owl (Or Early Bird)

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Just as adults can be early birds or night owls, children are more cooperative at certain times.

If bath time typically takes place in the daytime, your child may prefer having a bath before bedtime.

Take this time to spend quality time with your child.

While at the same time, creating a relaxing experience for both child and parent.


Don’t Make It A Daily Habit, Until It Needs To Be

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The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that while a newborn’s diaper area should be kept clean and dry, an infant [1] does not need daily baths until they start crawling.

Make Bath Time … Fun!

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Bath time for small children should be a fun-time event to splash and play.

Select colorful waterproof toys and dolls that are only allowed in the bath so that your child associates these particular toys with bath time fun.

Add some cheerful music to help your child get excited about bath time.



Change Your Products If Needed

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Kids start forming preferences very early in life.

If your child hates bath time, try changing the products you use.

The shampoo may not be gentle enough for the skin, or they may not like the scent of the soap.

Typically, kids like anything that colors the water or makes bubbles.

In The Event Your Child Still Hates Baths …

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Some kids just don’t like baths. For these kids, apply the following methods:

  • Bathe together
  • Keep bath time to a minimum

After a while, you can transition out of the tub while sitting on the edge.

In general, bathing with babies and toddlers is just plain easier than bending over a bathtub.

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[1]  Healthy Children: To Bathe or Not to Bathe, By Laura A. Jana, MD, FAAP and Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP

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