Natural Baby Powder is soothing and features moisture absorbing properties, baby talcum powder was a staple in homes for many years. However, this dusting powder has gotten a lot of negative attention over the past several years. Talcum powder is now avoided, and organic baby powder is a better choice for families.

Calming Organic Baby Powder

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society notes that in its natural form, some talc contains asbestos. In research studies, talc was found to increase the risk of ovarian cancers by traveling up the fallopian tubes. It is also thought to cause lung cancer through inhalation [1]. According to the IARC or International Agency for Research on Cancer, a talc-based powder used on the buttocks and genital area may be carcinogenic. Talc is often contaminated with asbestos which is rated as carcinogenic to humans [2].

Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The same results were observed by both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. These two stated that the continuous use of talc and repeated inhalation of the powder could cause irritation in the lungs. Due to health risks, the European Union has banned the use of talc in many beauty products [3].

Cosmetic grade

Cosmetic grade talc should not contain asbestos. This type of talc undergoes purity specifications set forth by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and industry specifications, and it is confirmed by x-rays and electron microscopes [4]. In cosmetics, talc is used as an anti-caking agent. As a food additive, the FDA lists talc as a color additive or an anti-caking agent in items such as vanilla powder. It may be used in feminine hygiene products to improve the feel of the product. Look for certification labels on any cosmetic products purchased.

It is important to note that unlike food products, the definition of USDA certified organic does not transfer to personal care products. That is why it is vital for manufacturers of these products to be transparent in their sourcing and creation of products. Sometimes, creams and ointments cause further irritation. For those who suffer from eczema, creams are often used to combat itching. However, some of these may irritate the rash worsening itching and any dry patches of skin.

Different natural ingredients

Manufacturers use different ingredients in different proportions. Typically, there is a combination of herbs, an essential oil (lavender or tree tea oil) and other components such as bentonite clay. Bentonite clay has long been used in detox and cleansing products. It contains high concentrations of minerals like silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium. Bentonite clay is created from aged volcanic ash called “Montmorillonite.” The name is derived from the largest known deposit of bentonite clay located in Fort Benton, Montana. While bentonite clay is non-toxic, the problem is that manufacturers keep some of their ingredients trade secrets, thus the consumers have no idea what they are putting on their skin. Choose manufacturers that value transparency. Certifications such as Leaping Bunny and NSF Organic Standard For Personal Care Products make a difference in determining what products are safe to use.

Moisturizing Organic Baby Lotion

Safer Alternatives to Talc Powder
Safer Alternatives To Talc Powder

Baby powder absorbs moisture especially around the diaper area regardless of if the baby wears disposable or cloth diapers. This is to help reduce moisture trapped in the diaper area which can cause chafing and lead to diaper rash on sensitive skin. A natural powder can be soothing to the skin and safely absorb moisture without the use of talc powder.

Here are some natural alternatives for those making homemade baby powder:

Arrowroot starch / tapioca starch

These two starches are commonly found in many paleo baker’s kitchens and are good alternatives to talc. Arrowroot is a natural starch derived from several types of plants found in South America. It is called “arrowroot” due to its past use of treating those injured by poisoned arrows. It is often substituted for cornstarch.  Tapioca starch is created from the crushed pulp of the cassava plant commonly found in the same area. These natural ingredients help soothe rashes when used on a little one’s skin.

Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) has hundreds of uses, and one of those is as a natural baby powder. Aside from its moisture absorbing properties, baking soda is talc free. Baking soda is an amazing product that is also a deodorant which helps eliminate underarm smell and foot odor.

Pure cornstarch

Another way to absorb excess moisture from a little one’s skin without using talc is by using corn starch. Organic cornstarch has the same consistency as that of talc powder which makes cornstarch powder one option to keep a baby’s delicate skin soft, smooth and dry.

Soothing Organic Nipple Cream

Best Organic Natural Baby Powder
Best Organic Natural Baby Powder

It is important to look for organic ingredients like those found in natural baby powder. This type of baby powder can soothe irritated skin with safe ingredients like chamomile, Kaolin white clay, and coconut oil. Chamomile is an herb that has long been used in topical ointments and tea. For the tea, chamomile flowers are dried and infused into hot water. Natural baby powder should not irritate the lungs. Their ingredients help calm skin and leave the skin soft and smooth, thus speeding the healing process. Keep in mind that not all babies may have the same type of skin. Always test baby products on a small patch of skin before full use to see if there are any side effects.

Organic Diaper Rash Cream

What Makes MADE OF Calming Organic Baby Powder So GoodWhat Makes MADE OF Calming Organic Baby Powder So Good?

MADE OF ’s all natural baby powder offers transparency about the ingredients included and where they are sourced and manufactured. Transparency is imperative when dealing with products that are capable of being absorbed by a baby’s skin.

MADE OF Calming Baby Powder contains the following ingredients:

  • Herbs such as arrowroot
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Aloe vera and argan oil
  • Organic Zea mays (corn starch)
  • Vitamin E (non-GMO tocopherol)

MADE OF Calming Organic Baby Powder is made with no GMO’s, soy, nuts, fungi, bacteria or bleach. The ingredients are from all over the world. The argan oil sources from Morocco, and the arrowroot sources from the West Indies. MADE OF Calming Organic Baby Powder is manufactured in New Mexico. Their formula is clinically proven to be free from heavy metals or hazardous metals. MADE OF’s combination of the best natural powder and essential oil is a perfect formulation to treat minor skin irritations such as baby rashes.

Organic Baby Products

Best Natural Baby Powder
A Last Word About Natural Baby Powder

Baby powder helps parents keep their little ones feeling and smelling fresh, especially in and around the diaper area. There is no shortage of natural baby powder products as evidenced by the brands listed above. However, parents should be cognizant of which brands offer the most transparency. MADE OF Calming Baby Powder is calming for both baby and parent. A child’s sensitive skin will be soothed, and parents will not stress over what they are applying to their little one.

Organic Baby Product Samples

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