Monthly Diaper Subscription – First-time parents feel pure bliss when their baby is born. Most parents have already stocked up on the essentials like disposable diapers, baby wipes, and other baby products. But, instead of stocking up on several packs of diapers, you might want to rethink and consider opting for a monthly diaper subscription. This way, you are ensured that you will never run out of diapers. Also, you’ll save valuable storage space and time.

How Many Diapers Do Infants Use in a DayHow Many Diapers Do Infants Use In A Day?

Newborns soil their diapers more often compared to older children. Initially, you will be changing 6 to 10 diapers every day. After about one month, your baby’s body changes. Fewer diaper changes will be required, about 4 to 6 times per day. Just imagine how many diapers you will be using in the first month alone. In this case, a newborn diaper monthly subscription is ideal.

Changing diapers should be done whenever your baby has a soiled or wet diaper to avoid irritating their sensitive skin. When you leave your baby in dirty diapers, they are at risk for developing diaper rash and infection. Cloth diapers, especially, need to be immediately changed once they become wet, as they do not wick away moisture as well as disposable diapers.

The true cost of diapers

Raising a baby is expensive. There are a lot of necessities you need to purchase, such as an infant car seat, crib, baby bottles, blankets, and clothes. Then, there are additional costs to buy diapers and wipes. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) tracks the cost of raising the child. In 2015, parents spent about $12,980 annually per child. Accounting for inflation, one-child households spend an average of 27% of their income on their child. The cost of buying diapers vary depending on the diaper brands. On average, babies use 2,700 diapers in a year, which may cost you $550 or more depending on the brand. If you are using a cloth diaper service, the average cost is $70 per month or, if you prefer to do the laundry on your own, the cost is about $250. Don’t forget that you will need baby wipes, which can cost at least $20 per month [1] [2]!

Monthly Diaper Subscription Is A Monthly Diaper Subscription Right For You?

We’ve come a long way from covering babies with homemade diapers. Now parents can choose from disposable as well as cloth diapers to keep their babies clean. Similarly, you can choose either cloth or disposable wipes to use during diaper changes. Diapers and wipes really go hand in hand when it comes to babies. But, it can get pretty expensive when you don’t subscribe to a diaper monthly subscription.

Why is a monthly diaper subscription is right for you? Well, it not only saves you time but also money because you will get several packs of diapers and wipes at a lesser cost. You can schedule them to be delivered to your home on a pre-arranged date. No one wants to spend money on gas just to go on a diaper run. Not only that, you can get great diaper deals when it comes to diaper subscriptions.

MADE OF Diaper Monthly Subscription
MADE OF Diaper Monthly Subscription

If you are looking for the best organic diaper delivery service, look no further than MADE OF. This company produces eco-friendly diapers that are free from toxic chemicals. We all know that those potentially harmful chemicals can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. If you want to subscribe and save on organic, disposable diapers, MADE OF offers these options.

Diaper only subscription

MADE OF has a diaper only subscription for those who only need diapers auto-delivered. MADE OF Better Diaper guarantees 10 hours of leak-free wear. Choose the diaper size, as well as the frequency of delivery. Delivery is 100% free and comes right to your door.  The cost of this subscription is only $60.

Basic diaper subscription

For those that also need baby wipes, another diaper monthly subscription that you can get from MADE OF is the Basic subscription. Here, you will get 6 diaper packs and 4 packs of 80 count organic baby wipes. Choose the diaper size, and when you want them delivered to your home. For only $80, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

MADE OF organic diaper cream is made from non-nano zinc oxide and essentials oils. The combination soothes irritation and moisturizes the skin, speeding up healing without exposing your little one to chemicals like parabens and phthalates. Because the zinc is made with non-nano particles, you don’t have to worry about absorption into the skin. With regards to the calming organic baby powder, this is a talc-free powder that is made from only plant-based ingredients.

Baby Diapers and Wipes
Why Choose MADE OF Baby Diapers And Wipes?

Why are parents so excited about MADE OF diapers and wipes? MADE OF organic diapers come with 10-hour leak-free guarantee which can save you from diaper accidents, especially at night.

Other features that will provide comfort to your baby;

  • Stretchable waist panel. This ensures that the properly diaper fits your baby and enhances leakage protection.
  • Leg cuffs. They are made from soft elastic that will not dig into your baby’s skin. It also prevents chafing as well as preventing leaks.
  • Super absorbent core. The absorbent core captures all the wetness for hours so your baby’s skin will remain dry as he or she sleeps.
  • Custom distribution layer. Another feature that you’ll like about MADE OF diapers is that they come with a customized fluid distribution layer that contains the fluid in the core to prevent leaks.
  • Hook and loop fastening system. These diapers are easy to wear because of their hook and loop fastening system that prevents the diaper from becoming loose as your baby moves around. This also ensures that the diaper fits your baby correctly.
  • Soft outer cover. The diaper itself comes with a soft outer cover giving it that bouncy texture which makes it easier for you to cradle your baby in your arms.

Organic Baby WipesWhat About MADE OF Organic Baby Wipes?

For starters, these wipes are alcohol and chemical-free so that they will not hurt your baby’s delicate skin. They are formulated using organic plant-based ingredients and nourishing oils that can easily remove any residue on your baby’s bottom without the risk of dryness. Among the ingredients that are used in MADE Of baby wipes are:

Organic glycerin

Organic glycerin works as a natural humectant that can raise the moisture levels on your baby’s skin. This ingredient can help protect your little one from dry and irritated skin.

Aloe vera

The gel from the aloe plant contains both soothing and healing properties. When used in baby wipes, the aloe serves as a soothing component that cools down your baby’s skin. Aloe vera gel also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce diaper rash.


Echinacea extract helps condition the skin with its soothing and moisturizing properties. This plant-based extract has a pleasing scent to it that can help calm your little one. The natural scent provides a gentle fragrance that does not contain toxic chemicals.

The Recap The Best Monthly Diaper Subscription

MADE OF diapers and baby wipes include several certifications that embrace sustainability while providing organic ingredients. MADE OF diaper monthly subscription ensures that your baby is wrapped in natural goodness while you have peace of mind.

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