Monthly Baby Photo IdeasIn the first 12 months, babies undergo an extraordinary amount of developmental growth – both physically and mentally. Just about every parent has experienced waking up one morning in awe about how their child has changed overnight. Today we have the means of preserving special moments with our little one. If you haven’t been taking monthly baby photos, now is the time to do so.

Some parents hire a professional photographer to do the photo shoot for them. Other parents prefer to take the photos themselves of their child’s monthly baby pictures. This is a great idea and can be quite cost effective and fun. There are countless photo ideas you can try while adding your own personal touch in deciding what pictures of your newborn you want to memorialize.

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Monthly Baby Photo IdeasMonthly Baby Photo Ideas That Are Worth Doing

It is understandable that some parents have a difficult time coming up with ideas for their baby’s monthly pictures, but the good news is that there are several photo props that you can take advantage of such as the ones below.

Milestone blanket

This is possibly one of the best items that you can have in your arsenal when you want to capture your super cute baby. While some parents use baby stickers signifying each month,  you can personalize the blanket based on your baby’s personality at the time. You can use this throughout your little one’s childhood too.

Baby chalkboard

Another idea for your baby’s monthly baby photos is to utilize a baby chalkboard. What’s great about this prop is that you can reuse it throughout their childhood. You can note your little one’s likes and dislikes, and current stats as well.  When you are done, you can use it as a decoration in their room.

Seasonal props

Photograph your baby on a regular basis in all their cuteness. You can get creative with your photo shoot while focusing on the current season.

Fabric backgrounds with photoshop

For mothers that sew, you can create colorful backdrops with your baby girl or baby boy while they sport a plain white onesie or shirt. Make sure that your camera shot covers the colorful background and there is ample space for you to add the number of the month. Or, you can use a photo editing app to add the number or any other design that you want.

Classic black and white

Some parents prefer little or no props when setting up a photo shoot. Let your baby do whatever he or she wants while keeping your camera handy to capture some impromptu baby pictures which you can post in your social media or print out for your baby book.

Belly to 12 months

First-time parents who are planning the digital photos of their baby for their first year can do the belly to 12 months photo shoot. As the name suggests, you will need to take a photo of your belly before you give birth. Then once you have given birth, you can take a photo of your little one on your belly every month. It’s amazing to see the growth of your little one from your belly to 12 months and after birth. You can add DIY stickers to signify each month.

DIY infographic

A DIY infographic is one idea of demonstrative creative photography that you can unveil on your little one’s first year. You can highlight each milestone in the first year with monthly baby photos. Choose the coolest pictures of your baby for the month and decorate it along with some pictures of your baby interspersed here and there.

365 love letters

Write a love letter every month to your baby for their first 12 months. Add a cute and thoughtful quote with your baby’s photo, as well as what you observed them in that month.


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Tips and Tricks for Your Monthly Baby Photo IdeasTips And Tricks For Your Monthly Baby Photo Ideas

Hiring professional photographers is sure to yield some amazing pictures of your baby.  But if you are planning on taking a shot of your own for monthly pictures of your baby, here are a few preparation tips worth reading.

Clear out your background

When doing baby photography yourself, may be focusing too much on your little one to the point that you’re missing out on some details (i.e., clutter) Before you snap any photos, make sure that you have cleared the space first. Take a look through the lens of your camera to see if any objects shouldn’t be in the shot.

Don’t shoot with the flash on

If you want to get the best baby pics that your child can enjoy when they grow older, make sure that you shoot the photo each month, at the same spot and at the same time of day to capture natural light. Never take a photo with the flash of your camera turned on as this can cause some reflection, especially from your baby’s head where the light may reflect.

Choose a toy or furniture for measurement point

One classic and fun idea to mark the sweet moments with your little one is to add a measurement point (contrast) in the picture. This way, you will be able to gauge your baby’s growth for each month using the same prop. This can be a chair, your baby’s favorite toy or blanket. Just make sure that you retain the object each month so that, when you compile all the pictures, you will see the changes.

Take plenty of photos

When it comes to baby photography, don’t hesitate to have fun taking tons of photos. Have fun with your camera and your little one because you’ll eventually hit the jackpot with a photo. Don’t forget to get creative with your shots by trying out the baby photo ideas mentioned above, because you’ll be able to see which ones will work out for you. Adjust the shutter speed if you wish too.

Be consistent

Another tip that you should consider when it comes to your baby’s monthly photo shoot is that you should be consistent with your theme. When it comes to their clothing, go for a white onesie when you have a colorful background so your little one can be easily seen. Print onesie stickers too that you can attach to the cloth as well just in time for their monthly pictorial.


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The Last Word About Baby PhotosThe Last Word About Baby Photos

Celebrating your baby’s age with some fancy monthly photo shoots can be a great way to savor the moments of their growing up. The beauty of going digital is that you can share your photos immediately with your family and friends

When it comes to photographing your child throughout their childhood,  be creative, and play with natural light as much as possible. This way, you will be able to preserve the moment properly with each click of your camera.

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