This Brand Wants to Replace Your Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder for Free

MADE OF®, an organic-first company that’s disrupting the baby category, believes consumers deserve stricter regulations and full transparency for their personal care products—and they want to help new parents find a cleaner, safer choice for baby powder.

BROOKLYN, NY, December 15, 2018 — Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that asbestos lurked in its Baby Powder, according to internal documents reviewed by Reuters. The company, which has pending lawsuits that claim its talc powder has toxic ingredients that may cause cancer and mesothelioma, possessed documents showing concern over positive test results for asbestos in its baby powder. The documents also show J&J leadership intentionally hid their knowledge of asbestos from the public, and the recent news is contributing to one of the largest negative declines to J&J stock in history.

One brand is making a bold offer to help alleviate the fears of concerned parents. MADE OF®, an industry newcomer that’s disrupting the baby category, is offering a FREE replacement with purchase for your Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder. The organic-first brand manufactures NSF Certified Organic baby care products, including an NSF Certified Organic baby powder made from corn starch. MADE OF believes that mandatory transparency standards for sourcing, manufacturing, testing, handling and certification results in safer products. They are dedicated to the highest organic standards and full transparency of every product.

MADE OF is offering J&J customers a free replacement, so they can have peace of mind that their baby powder is asbestos free. MADE OF launched a mission called ULTIMATE TRANSPARENCY®, which makes them the first brand on the market to disclose the whole product development lifecycle. Unlike J&J, the MADE OF website shows consumers the origin and safety of each ingredient, actual test results from an independent lab and actual locations where each product is made in the United States.

MADE OF Co-founder, Igor Bekker, commented to today’s news, “We commend the investigative rigor of Lisa Girion and her team at Reuters. While we can’t comment to the specifics of the internal documents for fear of legal backlash from a major global consumer products manufacturer that has clearly demonstrated their muscle through the thousands of lawsuits and record-setting settlements, we can take great pride in knowing that incidents like this are exactly why we decided to create a brand rooted in ingredient transparency, supply chain transparency and testing transparency. All new parents deserve this level of transparency, and it’s time for the next generation of consumer brands to put those parents and their children first. Our Ultimately Transparency promise has always been designed as both a wake up call as well as a call to action to the consumer products industry.”

While the J&J cancer scare has caused quite a stir amongst concerned parents around the world, they can rest assured knowing there is a baby product brand that’s stepping up to the plate with natural, NON-GMO, safe and transparent products. And the best part, they’re putting their money where their mouth is by offering parents an opportunity to try their product.

To learn more about MADE OF and receive your free NSF NSF Organic Certified Baby Powder, visit their website. Use code: powdergate at checkout.

MADE OF®  is a certified NSF and EWG organic-first baby care brand offering baby shampoo and body wash, baby powder, diaper cream, nipple balm, baby sunscreen, baby lotion, diapers, baby wipes, multi-surface cleaner, dish soap and hand soap. All of their products are NSF Organic Standard certified, other certifications include EWG, Gluten Free, Vegan and USDA, All products are independently tested and made in the United States excluding diapers, which are manufactured in Mexico.

MADE OF debuted to retail partners earlier in 2018 at Natural Products Expo where it took home the Editor’s Choice NEXTY Award in Natural Personal Care. MADE OF was also the first baby care brand to successfully certify its complete line of products to the NSF Organic Standard.

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