How To Give Baby Bath – Bath time can be fun!  An early approach to an enjoyable bath time sets the mood for future baths.  Every experience is brand new to a newborn so make sure to take precautions and make it a positive one.  Play relaxing music in the background, and approach baths in a fun and comfortable manner.  Sponge baths are a must if your son underwent circumcision and is still healing or if your baby still has their umbilical cord.

Baby Sponge Baths
How To Give Baby Bath – Sponge Baths: First Things First

A perfect sponge bath starts with gathering all the necessary supplies.

There is no need to be fancy.

Sponge baths can be done anywhere, such as on the table or even a bed.

If you use the latter, make sure to place a plastic tablecloth or a thick towel.

Baby Bath Tub

How To Give Baby Bath – The Supplies You Need:

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Bathe Your Baby

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Bathe Your Baby

  • Wash your baby’s face before removing any clothing. You’ll want to keep your newborn warm. Moisten a cotton ball or washcloth and wipe the eyelids clean from the inside corner, out. Use a new cotton ball for each eye. With another cotton ball, clean around the nose.
  • Never stick anything inside a child’s ears [1]. Eardrums are delicate and can be easily damaged. Use a damp cotton ball or washcloth.
  • Now is the time to undress your baby. Keep the body covered with a warm towel while washing their head. Make sure you support the spine and hold the head back slightly. Sprinkle some warm water on the head, and squeeze just a drop or two of shampoo [2]. Lather, and scrub gently, then rinse with a wet washcloth.
  • Lay your baby flat. Only a small amount of soap is necessary to get everything clean while preventing irritation. Use a soft washcloth to wash his/her body.
  • Pat your baby dry with a towel, and apply lotion.
  • Put on a new diaper and clean clothes.
  • Now it’s time to cuddle!

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Special Tips For Special Areas

Special Tips For Special Areas

Tip #1 – If you have a baby that is newly circumcised, use a cotton ball to wipe away any bits of waste gently. Use only unscented soap and warm water [3]. No baby wipes should be used.

Tip #2 – Clean a girl’s genitals by wiping from front to back. Never use soap in this sensitive area.

Bathtime Tips To Make It Enjoyable!

Bathtime Tips To Make It Enjoyable

Once a baby’s umbilical cord has fallen off, and the area is healed, your baby is ready for a bath [4]. The kitchen or bathroom sink will work just fine. Although, some people prefer mini-tubs.

  • Gather all the supplies you did for a sponge bath before bathing. Make sure they are within easy reach for you but not for your baby.
  • Only fill the tub or sink with a couple of inches of warm water. Use your wrist area to assess temperature. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive, so the water should be a bit cooler than what is ideal for you.
  • Gently lower your baby into the tub or sink. Make sure you support the head and neck. Let your child spend time getting used to the feel of water.
  • Clean the face and ears just as you did during a sponge bath.
  • Use a fresh washcloth when washing the body.

Hints For The Big Bath

Baby Hints For The Big Bath

  • Never turn your back while your baby is in the water, regardless of using a tub ring.
  • Use a turkey baster or a small plastic watering can for rinsing to avoid your baby’s face.
  • Do not use the big bathtub until baby can sit well on their own. Even then, use a plastic tub ring and never leave your child alone.

[HOW TO] Keep Your Baby Safe In The Bathroom

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