How Much Water Should You Drink When Pregnant – Staying hydrated is integral to maintaining health whether or not you are pregnant.  Women who are pregnant in fact need more water than the average person.  Contrary to popular myth, water intake does not affect the amount of amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby.  So, don’t hold back on drinking water during pregnancy.  Ample water intake is vital during pregnancy for many reasons.

#5 – Maintains A Healthy Digestive System

Drinking Water Maintains A Healthy Digestive System

Pregnant women urinate more than usual.

Pregnancy is also a time when urinary infections become more common.

It’s important that the kidney functions remain healthy for both mother and child.

Drinking water helps keep the digestive system moving and flushing out bad bacteria.

It also is helpful in preventing constipation.

#4 – Prevents Premature (Preterm) Labor

Helps With Dizziness & Fatigue

Some studies report a link between dehydration and premature contractions.

A lack of hydration can cause these unexpected contractions, which are in turn a source of great anxiety for some expectant mothers.

Remember to increase your water intake if you’re out in the sun, the humidity is high, or you’re exercising.


#3 – Helps With Dizziness & Fatigue

Drinking Water Improves The Quality Of Amniotic Fluid

Women go through a variety of feelings during pregnancy, sometimes including dizziness and fatigue.

Maternal overheating can occur when there is not enough water present in the body to regulate body heat.

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#2 – Aids Nutrient Absorption

Drinking Water Prevents Premature (Preterm) Labor

Water is crucial in delivering the essential nutrients through the bloodstream to both mom and baby.

During pregnancy, a mother’s blood volume increases, requiring an increase in hydration to support this creation of fluid.

This is especially present in the amniotic sac and the entire circulatory system.

#1 – Improves The Quality Of Amniotic Fluid

Drinking Water Aids Nutrient Absorption

Amniotic fluid is the liquid that surrounds the developing baby inside the uterus.

Dehydration can diminish the fluid’s overall quality, thus increasing the propensity to hinder the baby’s growth and development.

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