How Many Newborn Diapers Do I Need – First-time parents have steep learning curves. It takes a lot of time, care and knowledge to master a newborn’s diet, sleeping habits and the number of diapers required. One of the initial questions parents ask is, “How many newborn diapers do I need? To answer that, some information is required about the world of diapers.

A short primer on diapers

Diaper sizes are based on weight. Disposable diapers often contain sodium polyacrylate (waterlock), a compound that is used in a number of ways. Sodium polyacrylate is utilized as a food thickening agent as well as in the manufacturing of baby diapers. In the latter, sodium polyacrylate comes in contact with urine and turns it into a gel. This superabsorbent polymer keeps babies dry [1].

Gender can play a part in how many diapers are required. Boys (in the 50th percentile) tend to weigh about 10 pounds by 4 weeks old, while girls of average weight will be around 10 pounds at 6 weeks old. Typically, boys have more accidents on the changing table. Consider putting a wipe or cloth over your little boy when changing them [2].

There is a common misconception that the size of the diaper is referring to the age of babies. This is not so. When you buy diapers, keep in mind that the size refers to the weight of the baby.

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How Many Newborn Diapers Do I Need
How Many Newborn Diapers Do I Need?

Newborn babies go through a lot of soiled and wet diapers during the first few weeks since their activities revolve around eating, sleeping, urinating and having bowel movements. It is important to be ready with disposable diapers or newborn cloth diapers.

Most parents start stockpiling diapers when they are near to giving birth. There is always the question of the necessary size diapers and number of diapers for newborns. The truth is that the number of newborn diapers varies on the size of the infant. Newborn diapers fit babies up to 10 pounds.

Typically, newborn babies go through 8 to 10 newborn size diapers per day. As your little one adjusts to sleeping longer at night, the diaper change rate will be around 4 to 8 diapers per day. Breastfed babies will go through dirty diaper after soiled diaper more frequently since their body cannot digest milk fully at this young age.

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As a newborn, a baby’s weight changes rather quickly. Account for the baby’s size, skin sensitivities and how the diaper of choice fits the baby’s body. All of these factors make a difference. MADE OF Diapers include a soft, stretchable waist and soft elastic leg cuffs to ensure a proper fit with no leakage or chafing. These diapers include a super absorbent core and custom fluid distribution made to last up to 10 hours. MADE OF diapers make your baby’s comfort and wellness a priority.

Maintain good hygiene around your baby’s diaper area with wipes to avoid diaper rash and other skin issues. Start stocking wipes while in the pregnancy stage as they come in handy for all ages. Diapers and wipes go hand in hand. Wipes are used to clean your little one’s skin when changing diapers no matter the child’s age. The right wipe is just as essential as the correct diaper. The baby wipes you pick should be created with natural and organic ingredients, ensuring only the healthiest ingredients are used on your baby [3].

How Many Size 1 Diapers Do I Need
How Many Size 1 Diapers Do I Need?

How many size 1 diapers do I need? You may notice that diaper sizes vary by weight, and there may be some overlap. For instance, a newborn size diaper can be worn by a baby up to 10 pounds in weight. A size 1 diaper can be worn by a baby between 8-14 pounds. Typically, these babies have 8-10 diaper changes a day accounting for 300 size 1 disposable diapers a month [4].

Babies grow quickly during the first for months, sometimes as much as 2 pounds a month, so it may be hard to determine, “How many size 1 diapers do I need?” Check for deals on diapers while you are still pregnant. MADE OF is a company that offers a monthly supply of diapers, organic wipes and organic diaper cream. This can save you over $600 annually on diapers and wipes. Monthly delivery is free, and there will be no running out in the middle of the night and no additional gas costs.

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How Many Size 2 Diapers Do I NeedHow Many Size 2 Diapers Do I Need?

How many size 2 diapers do I need? Size 2 diapers may overlap with size 3 diapers at times. Generally, babies who are between 12-18 pounds will wear size 2 diapers.  These babies typically use up to 8 diapers a day for a total 240 diapers a month (based on a 30 day month).

If you are stockpiling diapers, look for sizes 1 and 2. These diapers fit babies who weigh between 12 to 28 pounds, and it is not long before babies reach this range of weight.

How Many Size 2 Diapers Do I NeedHow Many Size 3 Diapers Do I Need?

How many size 3 diapers do I need?  Babies who wear size 3 diapers are between 16-28 pounds.  At this point, growth may slow to 1 – 1.5 pounds per month.

Although you may be tempted to stick with one-size diapers, it is nearly impossible to do so especially when your baby has proceeded from feeding every few hours to going 3 to 4 hours between feeds. Weight gain is an obvious signal to size up in diapers. It is essential that a baby’s diaper appropriately fits to prevent leaks caused by diapers that are too big or rashes from diapers that are too tight. Your child may begin potty training at this point.

So, “How many size 3 diapers do I need?” is a tough question to answer as there are a lot of variables. One estimate is that a baby will need around 6 diaper changes a day. Based on a 30 day month, the number of size 3 diapers may be around 180 per month.

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How Many Size 4 Diapers Do I NeedHow Many Size 4 Diapers Do I Need?

Babies are pretty busy once they are wearing size 4 diapers. At 22-37 pounds, a diaper needs to fit correctly and absorb well. Size 4 diapers are usually worn by babies beyond one year up to age 2 as they have gained a significant amount of weight already. These babies are on the move and maybe starting potty training.

So, “How many size 4 diapers do I need?” At this point, your baby will probably need about 6 diaper changes a day. That means about 180 diapers per month (30 day month.)

If little ones are big for their ages, size 4 may suffice until their weights push them to size 5 (27+ pounds). For larger children, MADE OF offers an XX Lrg diaper for babies that are 35+ pounds.

First-time parents often focus on the cribs and beddings while preparing for the coming of their newborns. Consider stocking up on diapers since diapering a newborn is a frequent activity. The newborn diaper size is a common shower gift. Chances are this size will only be used for a short while, so focus on stocking up on bigger sizes as well. After all, a clean diaper on hand is necessary since babies are eating every few hours and constantly moving their bowels.

Cloth DiapersCloth Diapers

Cloth diapers vary in size and description. They can come as a one-size cloth diaper or more specific sizes. There are pros and cons to both. There are also different types of cloth diapers such as prefolds. For a long time, diapers were just flat square pieces of fabric. However, prefolds are rectangular in shape and often come with more layers of fabric sewed through the middle. Along with diapers, parents buy diaper covers. These must also be washed and stored.

Parents choose cloth diapers for varying reasons. Some focus on the cost or environmental footprint. However, parents must also consider the on-going cost of detergent, water, convenience, time spent and required storage space for their cloth diaper stash.

Sized cloth diapers are typically identified differently.

  • Newborn: Size Newborn/XS
  • Small: Size 1-2
  • Medium: Size 3-4
  • Large: Size 3-4
  • X-Large Size 4, 5, 6
  • XX-Large Size 7

When using primarily or entirely cloth diapers, 12-24 cloth wipes per week are necessary to clean a baby. Having a diaper pail near the changing station can make it easier to dispose of soiled diapers or to wash cloth diapers.

Regardless of diaper size or type (newborn cloth diapers versus disposable), have a stockpile on hand at your home, in your car and in your go-bag. Having a newborn at home is truly a joy, but there are a lot of variables to consider. Once you determine what size and how many diapers to have on hand for your baby, you will feel more at ease and prepared.

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