Home Remedies For Baby Constipation – The slightest change in a child’s routine can cause anxiety for new parents. One of the most difficult disruptions for parents to experience is a constipated baby. The strain and pain of passing hard stools cause as much distress in the parents as in the baby.

When it comes to children, there is no one size fits all. Diet, physical activity, and general state of health are all factors of a baby’s well-being. Constipation in babies may be hard to assess because they are unable to communicate what is wrong.

Parents should be aware of the following signs of constipation:

  • A change in frequency of bowel movements; decreased diaper changes
  • Irritability and crying while passing a stool
  • Straining or pushing more than usual; fussiness and gas
  • The presence of hard, clay-like stools
  • Hardened belly

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Once you have determined that your child is constipated, it is time to ascertain the root cause. First, assess your baby’s physical and dietary routine [1].

How much water is your baby drinking? Dehydration can cause newborn constipation and can be addressed by increasing daily water intake.A change in diet can also cause constipation.

Have you recently done any of the following:

  • Changed from breastmilk to formula
  • Switched formula types
  • Changed mother’s diet if she is breastfeeding
  • Introduced solid foods

For the first six months and unless directed otherwise by a physician, newborn infants must only consume breast milk or bottle formula [2].  Before introducing any juices, check with your pediatrician.

Certain methods of getting rid of constipation have been proven no longer appropriate for babies.

For instance, although used for adult constipation, treating babies with mineral oil can easily result in an overdose and cause serious health consequences.

Check with your doctor before giving your baby corn syrup as well. Dark corn syrup lacks the chemical structure to correct constipation.

Home Remedies For Baby Constipation

Home Remedies For Baby Constipation
Baby Constipation Home Remedies Tip #10 – Water

Give babies warm water at regular intervals in order to improve digestion and aid the digestive tract in functioning smoothly.

Home Remedies For Baby Constipation Tips
Home Remedies For Baby Constipation Tip #9 – Warm Baths

Infants love warm baths. One way of relieving newborn constipation is a giving your baby a warm bath using a sitz bathtub, (a small tub where only the hips and buttocks are immersed). Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda in your baby’s bath.

Baby Constipation Home Remedies Tip

Baby Constipation Home Remedies Tip #8 – Massages

After a bath, massage your baby’s lower abdomen using your fingertips in small circular movements around the navel area. Gently palpate and massage the hardened parts of the stomach. Be mindful of your baby’s comfort level as pressing too hard or vigorously may cause pain [3].

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Home Remedies For Baby Constipation
Home Remedies For Baby Constipation Tip #7 – Exercises

The importance of physical activity starts at birth. It is critical for muscle development and helps prevent constipation.

If babies are unable to lift their heads on their own, lay them on a flat surface covered by a blanket or towel. Slowly exercise their legs in a pedaling motion. Do these exercises regularly for several minutes at a time.

If babies have developed the muscles to hold up their heads on their own, lay them on their stomach. Slowly mimic a thigh lift. Support the leg around the knee and ankle, and gently lift the thigh. Alternate between each leg. Do this four to five times.

If babies are crawling, let them take a few rounds to promote bowel mobility.

Fruit Juice Baby Constipation Home Remedies Tip

Baby Constipation Home Remedies Tip #6 – Fruit Juices

For babies six months and older, introducing fruit juice to their diet can remedy constipation. Pear, apple, orange, and prune juices are effective in addressing these symptoms.

Use an ounce of juice for every month of life after the sixth month for a maximum of 6 ounces in a day. You can add fruit juice to milk formula if your baby refuses to drink fruit juices. Always be aware of the sugar content.

Baby Constipation Home Remedies Tips

Home Remedies For Baby Constipation Tip #5 – Fruits

Certain fruits act as natural laxatives. These effective constipation remedies can address the symptoms and concurrently nourish your child.

Soak papaya, skinless apples, peaches, apricots, raisins or prunes in water. Leave them overnight. Puree until smooth.

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Infant Constipation Home Remedies

Baby Constipation Home Remedies Tip #4 – Bran Flakes

Once your child is older, include bran flakes in your baby’s soft foods to remedy constipation.

Baby Constipation Home Remedy

Home Remedies For Baby Constipation Tip #3 – Vegetables Rich in Fiber

For babies who are already on a soft diet, include high-fiber foods like brown rice, whole grains, broccoli, peas, beans, and lentils. Avoid carrots, bananas, and rice cereals [4].

If you are breastfeeding, enrich your own diet with high-fiber foods including dark greens to treat your baby’s constipation. However, be aware that beans and lentils may also increase the occurrence of gas.

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Infant Constipation Home Remedy

Baby Constipation Home Remedies Tip #2 – Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds promote bowel movement and strengthen the digestive tract for regular bowel movements.

  • Crush a teaspoon of fennel seeds.
  • Boil in water for 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Strain, and cool.
  • Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of fennel solution to your child’s milk several times a day.

If you are a nursing mother, drink fennel seed tea two to three times a day.

Child Constipation Home Remedies

Home Remedies For Baby Constipation Tip #1 – Coconut Oil

Another natural laxative is coconut oil. First, check for any allergic reaction by dabbing a spot of coconut oil on your baby’s inner elbow. Then, add a fourth of a teaspoon of organic virgin coconut oil to pureed food. This may do the trick and alleviate your baby’s constipation.

If these natural remedies fail to relieve the symptoms or chronic constipation ensues, it is time for a medical consultation.

It is rare for a metabolic disorder such as hypothyroidism, botulism, and certain food allergies to be the cause of constipation, but it does happen.

Suffering from constipation can cause more than discomfort. You do not want to risk your baby developing an anal fissure. A constipated baby is distressing. Physical and dietary solutions go hand-in-hand in treating your baby’s constipation.

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