Having Twins – Here’s Exactly What To Expect

You know what they say about having twins; they are twice the fun and twice the trouble!  But, how to have twins is a common question asked immediately followed by what to expect when having twins.

From Greek gods, Apollo and Artemis, to legendary Remus and Romulus, to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, twins are fascinating.

How To Have Twins?

Monozygotic twins, known as identical twins, develop from a fertilized egg which splits into two distinct embryos. These twins have very similar DNA and are the same gender.

Dizygotic twins are non-identical twins, commonly referred to as fraternal twins. Here, two separate, fertilized eggs (embryos) grow independently; in two amniotic sacs with their own placentas in one womb. Fraternal twins may be of different genders [1].

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How To Have Twins – Increase Your Chances

How to have twins – In the U.S. having twins birth rate increases every year. In 2015, there were 133,862 live births. A significant reason for this is believed to be fertility treatments [2].

Fertility drugs such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) stimulate fertility and may increase a woman’s chances of conceiving [3].

These fertility drugs help with ovulation in women with low fertility [4].

When attempts at FSH treatments are unsuccessful, procedures such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) are utilized. These options can result in a woman conceiving twins or multiple births.

Fraternal twins (non-identical twins) are more often the result of fertility drugs because the chance exists for multiple eggs to be fertilized. Identical twins can still be conceived during IVF, though this occurrence is not a direct result of IVF.

The chance of conceiving twins naturally (without the help of fertility drugs) increases if twins run in the family or as a woman increases in age.

For would-be parents, a twin pregnancy can create twice the anticipation and twice the worry. Here are some twin facts for when you are expecting.

Having Twins Tip #7 – More Prenatal Visits

Having Twins

Mothers-to-be of twin babies should expect more visits to their obstetricians. Doctors will look closely at pre-existing conditions as twin pregnancies have higher risks for both mothers and babies. Even healthy moms may experience pregnancy-induced hypertension or gestational diabetes.

There are higher incidences of cesarean sections, vaginal bleeding, and high blood pressure among women carrying twins.

Twin pregnancies may also mean higher risks of preterm labor, low birth weight, miscarriage, and other complications in carrying and birthing.

The intense care that twin pregnancies require has led some hospitals to develop specialized medical facilities to meet these needs.

Having Twins Tip #6 – Twice The Symptoms

Having Twins Symptoms

Having twins mean more physical limitations since you’re carrying for two. Back pain, heartburn, sore feet, and edema will be worse than in singleton pregnancies.

The hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is assumed to cause morning sickness, and it increases in twin pregnancies. Expect more nausea and vomiting in the initial trimester.

Having Twins Tip #5 – Twice The Fascination

Having Twins Tip #5 Twice The Fascination

Do identical twins have the same DNA? This question comes up quite a bit if you watch crime dramas on television.

Research has shown that there are minute differences in identical twin DNA. These occur mostly through chromosome mutations which happen genetically [5].

Do identical twins have the same fingerprints? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Fingerprints are not genetically created. Those swirls, valleys, and ridges are more likely influenced by factors in the womb rather than genetics [6].

Having Twins Tip #4 – Age Is A Factor

Age Does Affect Your Ability To Have Twins

Though the likelihood of becoming pregnant decreases with a woman’s age, the possibility of having twins increases.  This is a key factor in how to have twins.

According to Dr. Abdulla Al-KhanHackensack, Chief of New Jersey’s University Medical Center, Department of Maternal and Fetal Medicine and Surgery, women in their 30’s and 40’s are more likely to conceive twins.

Having Twins Tip #3 – Preterm Labor

Having Twins Increases Preterm Labor

Preterm labor for twins is more likely to occur than in singleton pregnancies. 55% of twin births occur at 37 weeks with a slight subset of this percentage occurring at 32 weeks.

Given the statistics of preterm labor, it is ideal for mothers carrying twins be in good health, with an adequate diet, exercise, and rest. A healthy lifestyle is a must.

Expectant mothers need to take extra folic acid supplements to minimize birth problems in their babies.

Having Twins Tip #2 – Twice The Baby Gear

Having Twins Tip 2 Twice The Baby Gear

You will need double the baby gear for twins. Infant car seats, blankets, and clothes are just some of the items that will be required.

However, not all baby equipment will have to be in two’s. One baby bathtub is enough as is one bathtub mat.

You may find that your expenses are significantly higher if you have boy-girl twins. Twins may be twice the budget, but they are also twice the love and fun. One great benefit is that your children, being the same age, will be able to share everything!

Having Twins Tip #1 – Double Support

Having Twins Tip 1 Double Support

Having twins means exponential needs and challenges. During this time, parents and expectant parents need the support of family and friends more than ever.

Offer to help with running errands and getting things done. Parents of twins relish the help from family and friends and will be so grateful for it.

Having Twins?  Last Thoughts…

What To Expect When Having Twins

Here are some go-to tips:

  • Schedule your baby shower event early.
  • Keep a go-bag already packed on hand. The twins may be ready to be born earlier than you expect.
  • Have a list prepared for errands that need to be accomplished in the first six months after you give birth.
  • Invest in a recliner that is big enough for you and your two little ones.
  • Have a table nearby where you can stack snacks, bottles, and anything else you need at arm’s length.
  • Schedule a routine. It might sound robotic, but having a feeding and sleep schedule for your twins will save your sanity in the long run.
  • Ask for help; you will need lots of it. Moreover, delegate and schedule tasks (kindly of course) instead of having three people helping with the same errand on the same day.
  • Lastly, make time for yourself, and most importantly, schedule alone time for you and your partner. Happy parents are the next best thing to happy twins!

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