Hairy Newborn … Is This .. Normal?

Every baby is unique – and – that’s totally normal; even an overly hairy newborn.

Some are born with full heads of hair, others are born without a hair on them.

Body hair also varies widely.  But, do not worry, your baby will not remain this hairy for too long.

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It’s Actually Called … Lanugo

Hairy Newborn Lanugo baby hair

Lanugo is term for the soft and thin hair that is often found all over a newborn’s body.

This hair grows while the baby develops within the womb. Lanugo serves to protect the baby’s body in utero.

Typically, it disappears between 36-40 weeks of gestation. However, sometimes a baby is born still exhibiting this hair (especially preemies).

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Don’t Try To Rub The Hair Off

Babies with hair

An old wives’ tale suggests rubbing lanugo to make it fall out.

However, this does not work and may irritate the skin.

The hair on a hairy newborn will fall off by itself within 4-6 months.

So, just enjoy your soft bundle of joy!


Heartburn And Head Hair

Hairy baby normal

Science supports the notion that the more heartburn (acid reflux) a woman experiences during pregnancy, the more head hair the baby will have [1].

Estrogen is also thought to be a contributing factor to creating beautiful locks.

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[1]  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Pregnancy Folklore Revisited: The Case of Heartburn and Hair Kathleen A. Costigan, RN, MPH, Heather L. Sipsma, BA, and Janet A. DiPietro, PhD

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