Gifts For First Time Moms – Mothers are revered for good reason. After all, they raise and nurture the next generation of humans and send them out into the world. And mom’s deserve the world. So, what are the best gifts for first time moms? We recommend some practical go-to items that they are sure to appreciate.  Surprise the pregnancy gifts for first time moms in your life with our take on these essential gift ideas.

Gifts For First Time Moms
Gifts For First Time Moms #10 – Blankets

As a mother, you can never have enough blankets. They can be for receiving, swaddling and burping. Store as many as you can because they will be used.

Blankets rank in the top three gifts for first-time moms along with “Sleep In” coupons and spa gift cards.

Along the same lines, baby burping cloths are extremely practical for moms on-the-go and make a great gift. Small and versatile, many higher quality versions feature an inner waterproof layer with reversible options.

Mom’s will go through, what seems like, an infinite amount of burping cloths. They compact cloths a clothing lifesaver, protecting mom’s blouses and tops from that inevitable drool. And this means less laundry to contend with for the new mom.

Gifts For First Time Moms Prime Pump
Gifts For First Time Moms #9 – Prime Pump

As a new mother, you want the best of everything for your child. Make sure to accept the best for yourself! You are your baby’s best gift ever. You are also a food source. Your newborn identifies you as the milk supply.

Be kind to yourself, and splurge on the best breast pump. You will definitely feel the effects of a cheap pump. Breast care is vital for you and your baby. The first days of breastfeeding can be challenging to say in the least. Your breasts hurt, ducts can plug, and breastfeeding can be extremely tiring.

You just spent nine months carrying a baby and giving birth. Do not hesitate to ask for the help you deserve. In fact, there are lactation experts that make house calls!

The breastfeeding experience from woman to woman varies. It has nothing to do with strength and everything to do with hormones and fatigue. Breast milk is full of nutrients and breastfeeding can be great for both the child and the mother. However, every mom is different. There are great options for formula out there, and no guilt should be felt over any feeding decision.

Gifts For First Time Moms – Bluetooth Key Ring
Gifts For First Time Moms #8 – Bluetooth Key Ring

Gift a Bluetooth key ring to the first-time mother and another to the first-time father. Also get a spare set of keys because along with their zen and some sanity, the keys will get lost.

It need not be a Bluetooth key ring, just something that beeps and lights up when they need to find their keys.

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Gifts For First Time Moms – A Custom Essentials Kit
Gifts For First Time Moms #7 – A Custom Essentials Kit

This is one of the best gifts that you can give to the first-time mom. Help her by helping him. A “dad essentials kit” will arm him with the confidence he needs in caring for a new baby alone. Most importantly, it will allow mom to get some much-needed and uninterrupted guilt-free relaxation time.

Customize your “Dad Essentials Kit” gift with the following:

  • Be Prepared, a fatherhood survival manual written by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden, full of changing diapers, swaddling, and basic baby how-tos including baby-proofing the house or hotel
  • A newborn handbook with pictures so that the instructions are not overwhelming
  • A manly diaper bag or backpack
  • Everything necessary to change a diaper
  • Babysitter coupon because dads and moms should both take breaks
  • How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids by Jancee Dunn (this is a gift for a mother, but it is also essential for a father)

Gifts For First Time Moms – Classic Board Books
Best Gifts For First Time Moms #6 – Classic Books

Gifts for first-time moms should always include books. Books for her and books for the baby. Get board books (books printed on thick paperboard) so they will last the first two years. Include fabric and texture books for educating the baby. The Classics are the best.

Gifts For First Time Moms – Portachair Harness
Gifts For First Time Expectant Moms #5 – Portachair Harness

Mothers tend to love carrying their children around. First-time moms may go through a period of mama bear possessiveness including the growl.

Sooner or later, mothers are aching to put that beautiful baby somewhere safe and secure. A portachair harness is a great gift for the first-time mom. It can instantly turn a regular chair into a secure seat for baby.

Gifts For First Time Moms – Spa Gift Cards
Gifts For First Time Moms #4 – Spa Gift Cards

One of the best gifts for first-time moms is a gift card to the spa. Included should be
an offer to babysit. If she is too tired to get to the spa, she can sleep an extra few hours.

Alternatively, you can swaddle mom, put her in the car, and deliver her to the loving arms of spa staff. Her aching shoulders will thank you!

Gifts For First Time Moms – New Mom Wine Accessories
Mother’s Day Gift For First Time Mom #3 – New Mom Wine Accessories

If mom is not nursing, she may enjoy a glass of wine after putting baby to bed.
This is a time when mom should be able to relax, even if it’s just a short while.

Adult conversation after a long day is essential to sustaining mom’s well being and mood. Help her find that sanity with some adult time and a glass of her favorite wine.

Gifts For First Time Moms – Plush Aromatherapy Therapy Booties
Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms #2 – Plush Aromatherapy Therapy Booties

A first-time mom will be standing most of the time. That can take quite the toll on the feet. Help mom be kind to herself by giving her feet a lot of loving.

That means getting a pair of the comfiest herbal booties on the market. Many herbal booties come with hot and cold therapy relief that mom will adore.

A “pedicure date” with the girls is also a great gift that pampers and comforts.

Gifts For First Time Moms – Mommy & Me Tee’s
Gifts For First Time Moms #1 – Mommy & Me Tee’s

Mommy and me clothing is always fun. The baby was inside of her body for months, and a bond between mother and child is undeniable.

Get adorable matching baby t-shirts, jumpers, or even overalls. Keep her spirits high during the most challenging first months of motherhood by putting a smile on mom’s face each chance you get!

There is really no perfect gift, but a new mom will find each gift perfect.

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