Gentle Natural Baby Eczema CreamYour baby will have sensitive skin during the first year after they’re born because their skin is not yet fully developed.  Their delicate skin is more prone to dry skin, dandruff, and rashes. So it’s natural that you will need to exercise caution when using baby skincare products like shampoo, body wash, lotion, and cream.

Some products contain harsh chemicals that can trigger inflammation and irritation on such young skin. This is why parents should make sure that the baby products they’re using are organic.

In the US, personal care products deemed natural may lose their effectiveness through the manufacturing process. Look for the NSF seal which deems the product is at least 70% organic by weight.

Does Your Baby Have EczemaDoes Your Baby Have Eczema?

Eczema, baby acne, and cradle cap are some of the most common skin conditions in babies. Sometimes, parents find it hard to distinguish between these skin conditions. Baby acne, or neonatal acne, appears in about 20% of newborns.

It develops around 2 to 6 weeks after birth. Just like acne breakouts that teens and adults experience, baby acne appears as spots or pimples on the face, neck, and the body [1].

Cradle cap appears on the head as crusty or oily patches, and it usually clears up on its own. On the other hand, baby eczema can leave the skin red, inflamed, and itchy.

There are different types of eczema that may appear, such as seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, and contact dermatitis.

Among the symptoms that are associated with eczema include dark patches of skin, dry skin, oozing or crusty skin, and red or inflamed patches.

Although baby eczema doesn’t have a cure, the good news most of the time the condition disappears as your little one gets older.  However, there are times when eczema flares up as your little one is growing.

One way to treat this condition in babies is to try gentle natural baby eczema cream and organic baby washes and shampoos that won’t further harm your baby’s skin with harsh or harmful chemicals.

Why MADE OF Moisturizing Baby Lotion Is Top Rated 2019.Why MADE OF Moisturizing Baby Lotion Is Top Rated 2019

What makes MADE OF organic baby lotion the best natural baby eczema therapy? Well, eczema treatment revolves around keeping the skin moisturized and free from minor skin irritations.

And a gentle natural baby eczema cream free from harsh ingredients is required to accomplish this task. That’s where MADE OF organic baby lotion comes in.

MADE OF organic body lotion contains 81% organic ingredients and 19% natural ingredients, including the following organic plant oils: sunflower, coconut, argan, and avocado oils. Plus, it is made with gluten-free oats.

This lotion contains carprylyl glycol, an ingredient found in raw virgin coconut or palm oil as a natural preservative. This ingredient also does double duty as a moisturizer as well.

Caprylhydroxaic acid is a plant-based amino acid derived from raw virgin coconut oil. It’s also used as a natural preservative, negating the need for harmful parabens.

Organic glycerin and organic vegetable glycerin serve as natural humectants produced from vegetable fat. Glycerin helps guard against dry itchy skin while boosting moisture levels. It also adds a barrier layer of protection, which is necessary for eczema treatment to avoid the development of infections.

As an added benefit for baby eczema treatment, stearic acid is used as both a cleansing agent and surfactant. The plant-based vegetable oil is a fatty acid that also acts as a natural fragrant ingredient. Another natural ingredient that is used is vanilla extract.

This mild ingredient gives off a pleasant scent while leaving your baby smelling sweet. Why is this important? While synthetic fragrances can leave your baby smelling nice, their composition can be full of harsh chemicals. These chemicals can be a detriment to eczema relief in two ways.

First, the chemicals can further irritate your baby’s already delicate skin. Second, the compounds can be absorbed into the skin. Thus, it’s essential to use products that have a natural fragrance or fragrance-free products in baby eczema therapy.

To thicken a lotion or ointment, many companies use emulsifying wax to thicken their product. The MADE OF manufacturers uses a higher standard of wax. Specifically, MADE OF uses a National Formulary (NF) emulsifying wax that meets higher quality standards.

Finally, MADE OF Organic Baby Body Lotion is manufactured with only premium distilled water that both purifies and cleanses the skin. Water is used to dissolve other basic ingredients and also acts as an emulsifier.

Causes Of Baby EczemaCauses Of Baby Eczema

What causes eczema in babies in the first place? Although researchers don’t know the exact cause of eczema, it appears that eczema occurs due to a combination of genes and triggers. Several factors may put your little one at risk of developing eczema [2].


If one or both parents have eczema, there is a good chance that the baby will develop it too.

Lack of ceramides

Another possible cause for eczema is when a baby’s body doesn’t have enough fatty cells called ceramides. Ceramides help hold water in the skin.

When there is a lack of these fatty acids, the skin will not be as protected and can more easily become irritated and inflamed, leaving your little one increasingly at risk to eczema.

Skin barrier issues

It is also possible that there are problems with your baby’s skin barrier. Moisture and natural oils may escape more readily and leave your baby more open to potential bacterial infection.

DIY Natural Eczema TreatmentsDIY Natural Eczema Treatments

Using natural ingredients can go a long way in treating babies with eczema. Since this skin condition presents with dry itchy skin, it’s essential to keep the skin moisturized. Here are a few natural eczema treatments you can try on your little one.

Organic coconut oil

Coconut oil not only provides moisture to irritated skin but reduces the number of staph bacteria on the skin’s surface.

Organic aloe vera

For centuries, aloe vera has been valued for its moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties.

Colloidal oatmeal

Colloidal oatmeal is used to treat scaly itching skin, making it a perfect ingredient to treat baby eczema. It is also used to treat minor skin irritations such as diaper rash.

Ways To Help Control Baby EczemaWays To Help Control Baby Eczema

Dress baby appropriately

Don’t exacerbate your baby’s eczema by dressing them inappropriately. In warmer weather, make sure your baby wears cotton-based clothing to help wick away moisture from the skin and help keep them cool. Also, avoid clothes that are itchy, like wool.

Avoid food allergens

There are some instances when eczema can flare up because of food allergens such as eggs, nuts, and cow’s milk. The best way to determine whether your little one has an allergic reaction to their food is to introduce them to different foods one by one. This can help you to pinpoint the potential allergen and speed up the elimination process.

Use gentle laundry detergent

Sensitive skin can be prone to redness and irritation, so be careful about what baby wash detergents you use. Many detergents can be tough on your little one’s skin because of the harsh chemicals used in the soap.

Wipe away drool

Drool rashes can also further irritate eczema. Wipe away their drool as soon as possible as excessive saliva or wetness make eczema symptoms worsen.

Conclusion: Why MADE OF Baby Lotion Is Top Rated For Eczema 2019

It’s essential for eczema relief cream to contain a number of components to be effective such as organic oils and extracts.

These should be fragrance-free products that do not contain harmful or harsh chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin or irritate sensitive skin.

MADE OF organic moisturizing baby lotion does just this. Plus, it is EWG Verified, Certified Vegan, is animal-friendly, and has the NSF Organic Standard Seal.

The MADE OF Ultimate Transparency Promise is the first of its kind, sharing each ingredient’s origin and product certifications. Furthermore, parents can view the actual independent testing, as well as where this product was manufactured.

MADE Of moisturizing body lotion is manufactured in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Baby eczema can be distressing to see. Treat your baby with a product that will soothe and is safe to use.

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