Becoming A Mom For The First Time

Becoming a first time mom will instantly attract both solicited and unsolicited parenting advice.  Everybody has something to say about being a mother. It’s a testament to just how influential mothers are in our lives.

There are tried-and-true tips for a first-time mother handed down from generations of women. With that in mind, here are ten common sense tips every first-time mother can apply to her benefit!

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First Time Mom

First Time Mom Tip #10 – Make A List And Check It Twice

Checklists are essential to keep track of everything from when you last changed that diaper to baby-proofing instructions.

Even the most prodigious memory can fail with the onset of first-time parenthood.

Lists help organize thoughts and important to-do’s.

The best reason to create a list is that you can easily hand over the information to your partner or a helpful friend. Delegate errands such as grocery lists that exclude foods you should avoid if you are nursing.

Becoming A Mother For The First Time

First Time Mom Tip #9 – Even Superheroes Need Help

Supermoms exist all around us, and the help they receive makes them even more of a superhero! Creating that support network in itself is a feat, and it is essential to a successful, healthy life.

Ask for help, especially as a first-time mom. It can be an extremely overwhelming time. If you are not getting help from your partner or your family, seek outside help from your friends, local clergy, community center, support group, or therapist.

There is a reason why accepting help is always one of the best parenting tips. We all need support at some stage of our lives, and moms are no exception. If there is any time to ask for help, now is that time.

1st Time Mom

First Time Mom Tip #8 – It Is Impossible to Know Everything

As a first-time mother, you have read countless books, chatted in forums, and googled practically everything.

However, these actions do not mean you know everything. The sea of knowledge is just too vast. No one is an encyclopedia, so do not expect yourself to be! Do not assume anything, and do not beat yourself up if you forget something.

Whenever you are in doubt, consult your doctor.

Remember to write those lists to help with what you need to know, but there will always be something new to learn.

Becoming A Mom For The First Time

First Time Mom Tip #7 – Better Together

You and your partner are in this together. Trust in your spouse’s commitment to you and your baby. Equally, trust in your own commitment to your partner and your child.

Tag-team by taking turns with the baby, running errands and doing chores. Be respectful and kind. You are both under a great deal of stress. Understanding is the key to thriving.

As new parents, there will be screaming and crying at first, but trust that together, you’ll soon be able to read your baby’s cues and easily anticipate their needs.

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Let Go Of Perfection
First Time Mom Tip #6 – Let Go of Perfection

Perfection does not exist.

Even the actress “playing a mom” on television went through several takes to get that smile down pat.

Nobody is the perfect parent; there are going to be a lot of mistakes down the road,
and it’s normal. Everybody makes mistakes.

The upside of mistakes is that you learn from them and gain what’s known as experience!

Revel In The Fluffy Feeling
First Time Mom Tip #5 – Revel in the Fluffy Feeling

Enjoy the perks of motherhood. There is an absolute joy in being a proud, first-time mom.

Bring out the baby pictures, and gush about your adorable first-born.

Take lots of photos.

Dress in matching mother and child clothes, and wear them whenever you can.

And by all means, treat yourself to a comfortable pair of fluffy slippers. Buy your partner a pair too.

Mother Said There'd Be Days Like This
First Time Mom Tip #4 – Mother Said There’d Be Days Like This

Parenthood may feel like a roller coaster ride of emotions.

There will be good days when your baby finally sleeps through the night, or your body starts to feel like itself again. Go day-by-day. Some days will be better than others.

How do you get through the rough days?

Give yourself a routine. A cup of tea, a mug of coffee at a specific time of day, or a fifteen-minute walk by yourself can start your morning on a positive note.

You Deserve A Break
First Time Mom Tip #3 – You Deserve a Break

Date Night, Girls’ Night Out, Grandparents’ Day, and Sleep-In Saturdays should all be rotating holidays in your calendar. Even the best of parent’s need a couple of hours away to recharge.

Find hobbies and friends outside the circle of motherhood. Do not take for granted the care and time that you need for yourself.

It Is Going To Be A Mess
First Time Mom Tip #2 – It Is Going To Be A Mess

There is going to be poop, pee, drool, vomit, and a lot of crying, and stinky diapers.

You probably will not be able to clean the house every day, and your partner will not be able to take out the trash every night. Dishes might pile up, and cereal may be your only breakfast for a while.

First-time motherhood is not a fairy tale.  There is also going to be a lot of love, cooing, and laughter. There will be awe and wonder and humor as you become acquainted with this magnificent little human.

You are experiencing everything for the first time. Take it all in and relish it. You will look back and adore the memories…all of them.

Trust Your Gut
First Time Mom Tip #1 – Trust Your Gut

There will come a time when something feels a bit “off” regarding your baby’s well being.

Though there may not be a reason for concern, trust your intuition, and call your doctor. It’s better to be safe when you have, even the slightest of doubts.

The list of tips for first-time moms could probably wrap around the earth and circle it twice! But remember, what matters is that you figure out what works for you.

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