Do Babies Need Socks – The age-old question for new parents, “should I put socks on my baby?”  Socks are greeted with mixed feelings. Some parents feel that going barefoot is essential to allow feet to develop [1]. Others feel it is important to cover them, leaving some extra toe wiggle-room. Just how important are socks for a newborn?


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Do Babies Need Socks? Are Socks Really That Important For Newborns?

Do Babies Need Socks

Should I put socks on my baby? – Temperature is critical when deciding if your child should wear socks.  Babies lose heat quickly and may not be able to control their body temperature.  A baby’s hands and feet are naturally cool, so don’t use them as an accurate measurement of your baby’s temperature [2].  However, if your child’s feet look blotchy or blue, cover them up.  A general rule of thumb is to add one more layer of clothing than you are comfortable wearing.


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Should Newborns Wear Socks? Yes, But Not All Socks For Newborns Are Created Equally

Should I put socks on my baby

There are a couple of things to consider when buying baby socks. First, avoid ones that are too small. The red rings caused by socks (and pants) that are too tight can often cause permanent scarring on newborns called sock-line hyperpigmentation [3]. To prevent socks from falling off, buy those with elastic bands on top. However, always make sure you can place a finger between your baby’s skin and the band to make sure the socks are not too tight.

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Should I Put Socks On My Baby?  How Many Socks Do I Need For My Newborn?

Should newborns wear socks

Your newborn should have between four and seven pairs of socks, depending on laundry frequency.  Baby booties are an excellent alternative to socks.  Some parents buy socks that are all one color, so a matching pair is readily accessible.


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