Diaper Organic SubscriptionFirst-time parents are thrilled once they finally get to cradle their newborn in their arms. But, as they gaze down on their little one, parents make a mental check to ensure they have all the items that are needed to care for their baby at home. Diapers are at the top of the list.

Babies use a lot of diapers. Newborns can go through 10 to 12 diapers a day for the first month – that includes 4 to 6 wet diapers and 3 to 4 soiled diapers a day. The number of disposable diapers eventually reduces when they finally start potty training. Until then, it is essential that you change their dirty diapers promptly. A baby’s sensitive skin can easily develop diaper rash and other irritations when exposed to urine and feces for too long.

What Is A Diaper Subscription Service?

A diaper subscription service saves you the hassle of running to the grocery in the middle of the night because you’ve run out of disposable diapers for your little one. A diaper service is a diaper company that will deliver your diapers and wipes (and other essential baby supplies) on a previously chosen date.  With just a few clicks, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your baby is already set with their disposable or cloth diapers. A diaper service takes out the guesswork.

Diaper Size Guide

Diaper Size Guide


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Cloth Diapers Or Disposable Diapers
Cloth Diapers Or Disposable Diapers?

Parents nowadays have multiple choices when it comes to diapers. Cloth diapers come in different types of diapering systems, each claiming one is better than the next.  You can choose to rent cloth nappies from a cloth diaper service if you don’t want to wash them on your own.

Disposable diapers have also changed over the years. Now, they come with super-absorbent polymers, which makes them less bulky. Some diapers come in basic white, while others sport a variety of patterns. There are also eco-friendly diapers for those who are environmentally conscious.

Many parents choose to use disposable diapers. But, not all disposable diapers are the same.  Some include materials that irritate the skin or contain chemicals that may be toxic if absorbed. Chlorine-free diapers, dye-free, fragrance-free diapers, or compostable disposable diapers are often preferred because they are convenient, save time, and will not expose your baby to harsh chemicals. The estimated disposable diapers cost varies depending on the brand.

There are also many different types of cloth diapers, such as prefolds, fitted, all-in-one diapers, all-in-two, pocket, and hybrid. Some cloth diapers come with flushable liners.  Others have liners that are made of synthetics. Added to that is the cost of washing cloth diapers. This includes detergent, water, and electricity (or gas). Also, there is the cost of fuel and wear-and-tear on the car should you have to travel to a laundromat regularly. Both types of diapers need accessories, such as a diaper pail, diaper sprayer, and of course, diaper rash cream for various skin irritations that will undoubtedly occur. In the end, organic disposable diapers may be the better choice when it comes to hygiene and ease.

However, the expenses add up, regardless if you choose disposable or cloth diapers, which is why it’s understandable why smart parents choose a diaper subscription service. It’s not only a question of money, but of convenience, time, and space.


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Which Organic Diaper Subscription Should You Choose
Which Organic Diaper Subscription Should You Choose?

There are dozens of diaper subscription services from which to choose. But if you want to get a safer diaper, and the best value for your money, there is one diaper delivery company that you should consider. That is MADE OF subscription service. MADE OF diapers are indeed available through retailers like Amazon, and Target. But with a MADE OF diaper subscription, delivery is free, and you’ll never have to remember to order diapers. (Plus, you get a one-time free onesie on any order over $35.00).

Here are MADE OF diaper subscription offers that you can choose from:

Basic Diaper Subscription

MADE OF organic diaper subscription provides your baby with a 10-hour leak-free guarantee to keep them sleeping during the night.  The diapers will be sent directly to your doorstep on the dates that you have specified. The Basic Diaper Subscription package comes with 6 diaper packs and 4 packs of 80 count organic baby wipes. You’re probably wondering how much does organic diaper service cost per month?

Basic Diaper Subscription $80
Diaper Only Subscription  $60

The MADE OF Difference

Before we get into the additional benefits of MADE OF diapers, it’s important to know that many manufacturers promote their products as “natural” disposable diapers. But what does this mean? Well, not a whole lot sometimes. The U.S. does not regulate the world of personal care products as it does food. A company may label a product as natural or organic without disclosing how much of the product is actually made from these ingredients. Also, the manufacturing process can dilute the number of organic ingredients [1].

So what are parents to do? Check for certifications on the label. Manufacturers have the choice to have their products undergo a number of accreditation processes that demonstrate a product is certified organic. MADE OF has done that with their array of products. In fact, they have taken the accreditation process one step further with their brand-specific Ultimate Transparency Process. When you check their website, you can see the ingredient list of every product, where that product was sourced, and the location of where the product was manufactured. That is the MADE OF difference.


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Benefits Of MADE OF Diaper Organic SubscriptionBenefits Of MADE OF Diaper Organic Subscription

Parents who choose MADE OF bulk diaper subscriptions do so for several reasons. They want to save money, not to mention spend more time with their infant, and less time shopping for baby products. With MADE OF organic diaper subscription, you can rest assured that your baby is coming into contact with only organic ingredients, as is the case with their full line of products. Parents want to ensure that their young ones are not exposed to potentially harsh, or toxic chemicals that can be absorbed into the skin.

What else can you expect from MADE OF? Here are a few points that are worth mentioning:

Organic ingredients

Their diapers are made from organic ingredients, such as organic wood pulp, partially neutralized sodium polyacrylate, and polypropylene to keep the diaper intact.


MADE OF offers free delivery.

On-time delivery

Trust that you’ll receive your products on the designated dates. You’ll experience a sense of calmness knowing that you will never run out of diapers and wipes.

Cancel anytime

You won’t be hassled if you wish to cancel your subscription at any point.

Leak-free guarantee

If you wish to be able to sleep longer at night, you will want a diaper that can withstand wetness. MADE OF diapers offer a 10-hour leak-free guarantee so you and your baby will be able to sleep for hours at night without any interruptions.

Wetness indicator

Their diapers come with a wetness indicator that tells you when a diaper change is needed, allowing you not to bother baby when they are quiet.

Organic Baby Wipes from MADE OF
Organic Baby Wipes From MADE OF


Diapers and wipes always go hand in hand, which is why you will notice that MADE OF diaper subscriptions often include baby wipes. What makes MADE OF organic baby wipes better than others – the ingredient formulation.

Caprylhydroxamic acid

This plant-based amino acid is created from raw virgin coconut oil. It works as a natural preservative to help prolong the shelf-life while preventing the growth of bacteria.

Organic glycerin

This natural emollient humectant helps keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturized. Glycerin is derived from vegetable fat. When applied after washing, glycerin will help keep the skin soft, smooth, and prevent dryness.

Lauryl glucoside

Lauryl glucoside is a surfactant that helps the baby wipes clean properly. It ensures that no residue is left behind.

Aloe vera

The aloe vera plant includes a gum resin that has numerous health benefits. Aloe vera is known to soothe and heal wounds, moisturize, and act as an anti-inflammatory. Using MADE OF’s organic diaper wipes on your baby’s diaper rash will help soothe the skin and speed up healing.


This additive works as a skin conditioner that helps soothe and moisturize your baby’s delicate skin. Also, echinacea has a light and sweet scent that can also help calm your baby.

Argan oil

Argan oil is a nourishing oil that is harvested from the nut of the Argan tree. This tree is found in Morocco. Argan oil is high in natural fatty acids that are good for your little one’s skin.

The Last Word: Organic Diaper Subscriptions

MADE OF gives you the best value for your money because they make a great, organic diaper at an affordable cost. Their diapers fit snug enough to prevent leaks but use only quality organic materials that do not chafe. MADE OF baby products have at least 70% organic content by weight. Also, the formulation of ingredients is plant-based; thus making the product cruelty-free. Manufacturing is done with an eye on conservation and environmental arenas. MADE OF diaper subscription makes for happy babies — and that means happy moms. Make the switch today, and see why more and more parents are choosing MADE OF!

Organic Baby Product Samples

Diaper Organic Subscription Resources:

[1]   Organic Consumer Association; Toxins in Huggies and Pampers Aren’t What You Want to Put near Baby’s Skin, Jill Richardson, February 18, 2014.

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