Best Baby Thermometer -A baby’s first fever can be very stressful for new parents. The importance of having a great baby thermometer cannot be underrated. A fever of over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit can jeopardize a child’s health, especially if the infant is less than three months old. Some parents believe that a touch test can help gauge a child’s temperature, but this method is considered unreliable by medical professionals [1].

A good thermometer will provide an accurate measurement of any child’s temperature.

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Types Of Baby Thermometers Best Baby Thermometer Types

Mercury or glass thermometer

The mercury thermometer, also known as the glass thermometer, was once the standard device for temperature reading. Despite their accurate reading and easy to clean feature, glass thermometers are no longer deemed safe for use as they can break and expose children to mercury. Infant thermometers have come a long way since then. Today, there are a varied selection of thermometers to measure the temperature of a baby.

Rectal thermometer

A fever that is over 100.4℉ is dangerous for children of any age. To get an accurate reading of a newborn baby’s fever, acquire the core body temperature. The rectal thermometer is a good baby thermometer for this. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly suggests using a rectal thermometer to get an accurate temperature reading for an infant until age three [2]. A pediatrician may also recommend applying a small amount of baby-friendly water-soluble jelly to make the insertion gentler.

Ear thermometer

The ear thermometer, also known as a tympanic type of thermometer, gets a temperature reading using a sensor that has to be tucked inside a baby’s ear canal. The eardrums release infrared heat waves when infants and toddlers have a fever. The ear thermometer sensor reads these heat waves to get a precise reading. It is less intrusive than a rectal thermometer and still able to provide a precise temperature reading.

Armpit thermometer

According to thermometer reviews, the armpit thermometer is one of the cheapest external thermometers in the market today. Also known as axillary thermometers, the armpit thermometer is placed under a baby’s armpit and reads the temperature using the skin contact.

The axillary thermometer is one of the least accurate measurements of a child’s temperature. Because it reads a child’s armpit temperature only, the reading may vary two degrees or more. Axillary thermometers may also be difficult to use on fussy babies.

Temporal thermometer

The forehead or temporal artery thermometer reads temperature using an infrared scanner. The temporal artery in the forehead generates infrared waves which are scanned by the device for an accurate reading.

To measure temperature, swipe it across a baby’s temporal artery in the forehead, and the reading will appear on the screen in a matter of seconds. This thermometer is used throughout many hospitals. However, it is on the higher end of the price scale.

Infrared forehead thermometer

The infrared forehead thermometer, like the temporal artery thermometer, is another type of temperature reading tool that is unobtrusive. The device measures the infrared energy emitted from the skin around and above the eyebrow area.

Unlike the temporal artery thermometer, this device enables a temperature measurement without having to make skin contact. It is fast and easy to use, but these types of thermometers can be very expensive.

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Best Baby ThermometersBest Baby Thermometers

The Best Best Baby Thermometer: Rectal Enji Family Digital Thermometer

The FDA Approved Enji Family Digital Thermometer is a bestseller on Amazon because of its correct readings, easy to clean design, child-proof construction and durable case. It includes a flexible tip and backlit screen, features that are a huge help when taking care of a sick infant. Within an easy 10 to 20 seconds, an accurate reading is obtained. Changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius only requires the push of a button. | Price $13

Ear Thermometer: Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer

Ear thermometers can deliver a faulty reading if they are not correctly placed inside the ear. However, the Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer eliminates this difficulty as its unique guidance system reveals if the positioning is correct or not. With a pleasant beeping sound and illuminating screen, it confirms if the device is placed properly.

Customers are enthusiastic about its disposable lens filters purposely designed to prevent the spread of bacteria between readings. It has a small, flexible tip that is gentle on babies of any age. However, this accurate thermometer does not save the temperature reading and does not have a fever warning indicator. | Price $36

Armpit Thermometer: Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer

The Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer is a cheap and easy to use armpit thermometer that is great for both children and adults. Its SpeedRead technology enables the device to get a temperature reading in 8.1 to 38.0 seconds, averaging 22 seconds minimum for an armpit reading.

It is equipped with a large screen and a backlight that changes color. The Fever InSight feature helps adults determine if their infant has an average body temperature, warm body temperature or fever. It can also be used for an accurate temperature reading in the mouth. | Price $10

Temporal Thermometer: ANKOVO Thermometer

As a child ages and starts exploring the world, it is inevitable to run into bacteria and viruses. For a quick, effortless read on a child’s temperature, the ANKOVO Temporal Artery Thermometer is a great option.

Capture temperature from the artery by merely swiping the forehead with this device. It has a glowing screen with shut-off feature that enables adults to get a child’s accurate temperature reading in the dark, and it automatically shuts down on its own to preserve the battery.  | Price 19

Infrared Forehead Thermometer: Braun Digital No Touch Thermometer

The Braun Digital No Touch thermometer is specially designed with a “no-touch” option so parents can take care of their child’s fever without hassle. To use the infrared device, hold it two inches away from a child’s forehead, and the thermometer will quickly scan the infrared waves of the temporal artery.

The backlight display of the temperature reading tool will change depending on the severity of the artery reading. It is the most expensive artery thermometer, double the price of most armpit and mouth temperature reading devices. However, its discreet and strategic technology is worth the hype. | Price $45

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Best Baby Thermometer Resources

[1]   National Center for Biotechnology Information;  The Accuracy of Mother’s Touch to Detect Fever in Children: a Systematic Review, CL Teng, CJ Ng, H Nik-Sherina, AH Zailinawati, and SF Tong, 2008.
[2]   Johns Hopkins Medicine; Measuring a Baby’s Temperature.

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