Best Baby Shoes – A baby’s first shoes are the first real steps towards independence and a milestone worth celebrating. Buying shoes for a little one can be both frightening and exciting as there are so many baby shoes on the market today. Focus on shoes that enable a baby to walk comfortably and safely. Read on for some tips for making your baby shoe shopping experience a lot easier.

Remember that going barefoot can be crucial for children. It enables them to learn more about their feet and balance. However, it is not always practical to allow children to walk around without shoes. Changes in weather or rough surfaces can be tough on a baby’s soft feet.

For a little one’s shoes, choose something soft, comfortable and flexible. Baby shoes offer more than just protection against the hard ground. Shoes can provide support and be non-slip to lessen the chance of falling.

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First Steps And Best Walking ShoesFirst Steps And Best Walking Shoes

Finding the right walking shoes is not totally necessary until children actually begin to walk. Many health experts, including those from the American Association of Pediatrics, suggest allowing children to walk around barefoot before using baby shoes. This allows babies to learn how to improve their grip on the floor and enhance their balance without any support. Plus, it is a great way to develop bones and muscles[1].

With so many options available, it can be daunting to search for the best baby shoes. Below is a baby shoes shopping guide with some tips to help.

What To Look For in a Baby’s Walking ShoesWhat To Look For In A Baby’s Walking Shoes

Look for baby shoes that are lightweight, flexible, breathable and non-slip.

Find a lightweight and flexible pair of baby shoes that allows natural movement

Check the top side of a baby’s walking shoes to determine if the shoes are too tight. You should be able to grab the material. The flexible materials in baby shoes must contour around the shape of a baby’s bare feet to enable natural movement for walking inside or outside of the house.

Choose mesh or leather for breathable walking shoes

Always look for a good quality, mesh or soft leather top on walking shoes for a baby. This encourages air flow and ventilation. Stiff or hard materials prevent the growth and development of a child’s feet.

Non-slip shoes offer excellent traction for better walking

A baby’s first shoes should have the right grooves in the correct position to help a baby learn to walk. There are several hard bottom baby shoes that have rubber non-slip or non-skid soles with ample ridges that provide traction and cause fewer falls.

Fit the baby shoes correctly

The right baby walking shoes are capable of protecting a baby’s developing limbs. They must enable babies to comfortably move their toes and feet. Babies have fat-padded feet that make them slightly flat-footed. Compared to slip-on baby shoes, walking shoes for babies should be tested for the right fit before buying. Spend adequate time shopping at a physical shoe store, and leverage the assistance of a well-trained staff member that will take the right measurements and provide recommendations for that perfect fit.

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Best Baby Shoes Based On The Fit
Best Baby Shoes Based On The Fit

There are some tests that parents can do to find the right shoes for their babies.

Test the heel

For a baby’s first walking shoes, choose something comfortable that is tight and secure. The heel must provide a snug fit in the back of the shoes. When the heel pinches, it means that the shoes are too small, whereas a heel that slides out easily means that the shoes are too large. Confirm the perfect fit by simply sliding a pinkie in the heel area. It should feel snug, and a baby’s toes should push towards the front side of the baby shoes.

Test with the thumb

Press your thumb sideways starting at the tip of the baby’s shoes. There should be an allowance of about one-half inch or about the width of a thumb between the tip of the baby shoes and the child’s longest baby toe.

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Best Baby ShoesBest Baby Shoes With Pricing

After the above tests are completed, purchasing is in order. The following are some highly rated baby shoes for 2019 to consider.

1. Jumping Jacks Kids’ Perfection Shoes

This leather sneaker is a great choice to add to a baby’s shoe collection. These round toe sneakers from Jumping Jacks can be found on for $50. They are styled to perfection with a nubuck leather cover. They are super comfortable and last a wobbly walker for a long time.

2. Mary Jane From Baby Deer Stichout

These Mary Janes shoes came from the Buster Brown baby shoe collection. They come with leather upper material. Additionally, the rubber outsole of this Mary Jane offers great traction. They are available at for $42.

3. FootMates Todd 3

These leather booties are available from Zappos for $57.00. They are cute, sturdy and somewhat customizable. FootMates Todd 3 come with two insoles to create the best fit.

4. Joy Classic Leather Stitch Down T-Strap Red Mary Janes

This bright red pair of Mary Janes adds a cute swath of color to a baby’s ensemble. The L’Amour Joy Classic Leather Stitch Down T-Strap Red Mary Janes are super cute and offer great support thanks to their classic t-straps and grooved rubber soles.  | Price $52

5. Olive Girl’s Machine Washable Fisherman Sandal From Stride Rite

Stride Rite is a popular baby shoe brand, especially for walking babies and toddlers. This pair of toddler walking shoes consists of adjustable hooks, loop closure and a thick outsole for better traction. These are a great pair of baby walking shoes in warmer weather, and they come with an odor repeller to avoid bad smells on humid days. Lastly, they are machine washable. | Price $33

6. Flex Contact Running Shoes by Nike

They are great for the baby that is often on the go. The Nike Flex Contact Running Shoes are made of knitted upper material and are flexible to mimic natural movement in a comfortable way. | Price $43

7. Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers

These ultra-comfy walking shoes from Nike, the Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers. They are super cute and ultra-cool. The Air Force 1’s are durable, lightweight and cushion a baby’s feet well thanks to the high-quality sneaker materials. | Price $38

8. Daphne T-Strap Sneakers by Keds

Buy these baby Keds walking shoes for only $30. This is a classic shoe from Keds, and a baby will surely look stylish wearing these classic shoes with T-strap design. They are tough and have padded collars which make them easy partners for a walking baby’s feet and ankles. | Price $30

Use these tips to your advantage, and snag a pair of baby walking shoes today. Enjoy shopping!

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[1]   American Pediatric Medical Association; What you Should Know.Children’s Food Health, American Pediatric Medical Association.

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