Best Baby Books – Reading is vital to learning about life. The importance of reading starts long before a child begins sounding out letters to make words and stringing those words into thoughts. Parents can start reading to their babies during pregnancy. By 18 weeks, fetuses hear their first sounds. Between 23-27 weeks of pregnancy, they begin differentiating sound [1]. By reading during pregnancy, fetuses become comfortable and accustomed to the sound of the parents’ voices which they will know by the time they are born. Reading can also stimulate an unborn child. Vary the story being read. Sing them nursery rhymes, or read poems. Any story will do.

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Reading Is Essential For Child DevelopmentReading Is Essential For Child Development

Reading should be an essential part of every infant’s life.  Research shows that reading to children promotes brain development [2]. Reading to a baby can help them learn new languages. The best baby books will change as a child grows and develops. There is no perfect book for newborn babies. Cuddling during reading reinforces the good feelings that reading can bring and strengthens that special bond. Read a variety of books from the classics (Mother Goose) to books that catch your interest. Buy books that are brightly colored and include different textiles to touch.

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Best Baby BooksList Of Best Baby Books For 2019

Putting together a library for a baby can be tough with all the books available. Below is a list of books that are wonderful additions to a starter library.

The Runaway Bunny

One of the classic children’s books is The Runaway Baby. This little book was first published in 1942 and has never been out of print! A little bunny informs his mother that he is going to run away and become different things such as a fish, a bird and an acrobat. His mother tells him that she will always follow because he is her little bunny. Margaret Wise Brown wrote the book, and it was illustrated by Clement Hurd. The Runaway Bunny was the first in the classic series written by Brown and illustrated by Hurd. Their other two storybooks are Goodnight Moon and My World.

TouchThinkLearn: ABC

Regardless of whether you have a baby or toddler, this book is a must-have because of its tactile cut-outs and die-cuts. Infants love this picture book because of the touch and feel design to experience as they get better acquainted with the alphabet.

First 100 Words

This is the perfect book to encourage little ones to start turning sounds into meaningful words. Aside from 100 words, a little one will be engaged by the bright photos. This book helps babies associate words with objects they recognize.

I Wish You More

Moms and dads are filled with love for their babies, and this bedtime book is just one way of revealing a parents’ high hopes for their children. This book is guaranteed to melt anyone’s heart.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

No library is complete without Dr. Seuss’ books. This book is illustrated in the classic Dr. Seuss style. It is meaningful to a child of any age as it encourages the beauty of independence.

The Colors of Us

The Colors of Us is another one of the best baby books on the market. Sharing this story with babies during early childhood helps reinforce that the color of a person’s skin does not define who they are. This is an excellent start to teaching that differences should be celebrated.

The Giving Tree

This book has been around for quite a while. It is one of the best books to read aloud to a little one. The illustrations and the story teach children what giving is all about.

Little Planets

Out of the available board books for babies, this one is sure to be a favorite. Rhyming books are good for developing vocabulary. This is also a good read because of the colorful illustrations that mesmerize babies.

Look, Look!

Babies develop their eyesight over time. They cannot yet focus and see only black, grey and white as newborns. This picture book is perfect for young babies. The illustrations are entertaining and straightforward with classic black and white colors.


Die-cut windows are what makes this illustrated book another great addition to a library. Aside from being a fun read, the windows surprise children with what to expect on the next page. The colors and shapes are quite interesting. The pictures are good for memory recall as well. Peek-a-boo is a great way to engage and teach at the same time.

Pat the Bunny

Including reading time during a bedtime routine is just one way to create a more meaningful bond with a newborn. Engage the senses and pique interest by reading Pat the Bunny. This book encourages children to use their sense of touch in different ways such as patting the book.

Baby Faces

Baby Faces is one of the best baby books to add to a library. This book is part of an indestructible series which means that it is designed to withstand a baby’s playful hands, gnawing teeth and drooling. Your little bundle of joy is going to love this one.

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are is truly a classic. Author and illustrator Maurice Sendak tells a story of a boy playing in his wolf costume. He is sent to his room after a tantrum where he conjures up images of meeting the “wild things”. After Max successfully intimidates the wild things, he realizes he is lonely. Then, he finds his supper waiting for him. The author has published a series of books. His illustrations are often unique-looking because he based them loosely on his relatives. Sendak started his career creating drawings and watercolor illustrations for other children’s books.

Tap the Magic Tree

Allowing babies to hold books and interact with the pages may help them develop faster. The bright colors, fun illustrations and rhymes of this book create a wonderful read for parents and babies alike. Since a little one can touch and feel the pages, the other senses become engaged, enhancing overall development.

1 2 3 Count with Me

In addition to the ABC book on this list, a counting book is the perfect book to teach children numbers which are essential during the formative years. This is among a tactile series of books containing numbers that can be traced by a baby’s fingers for memory. The illustrations help babies learn faster since they are visual learners during the first few months.

Guess How Much I Love You

This story is just one of those books that help parents let their children know how much they mean to them. Kids are sure to love the illustrations in this fun read that will help them to sleep at night.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The title says it all as this story focuses on one very hungry caterpillar. The author uses a lot of mixed-media collages in primary colors to captivate his readers. Babies can follow this visually captivating journey while the caterpillar eats its way through the pages of the book.

Press Here

Interactive books are guaranteed to keep little ones busy during reading time. This book teaches children the concept of cause and effect. Pressing the dots may cause more dots to appear that scatter to engage and entertain.

Pajama Time!

This is another excellent bedtime read. The words and illustrations depict characters who are ready to go to sleep. The clever rhymes in this book are both silly and fun to create a positive feeling before sleep.

Snowy Day

This story is about feeling snow for the first time. No matter how young or old, snow is truly magical. For adults, this book recalls the beauty of childhood.

Pout-Pout Fish

This book introduces children to undersea life through rhymes. The enchanting illustrations use a lot of bright colors and exaggerated drawings of undersea figures.

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A Last Word About The Best Baby Books 2019
A Last Word About The Best Baby Books 2019

Finding the best baby books can be tough when there are hundreds of great titles out there. It is never too early or late to start a baby book library. Each collection will be unique to your family and serve your children as they grow.

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