Best Baby Blankets – Baby blankets have been around for centuries. Humans used to wrap their babies in animal furs to protect them against the weather. Now, hospitals use receiving blankets right after birth. From the start, baby blankets are a staple newborn accessory. The versatile fabric can be used as a swaddle, nursing cover or snuggly blanket that provides warmth literally and emotionally.

Quality baby blankets come in a wide range of styles and designs that are soft to the touch and perfect for swaddling a little one. The best baby blankets are vital to protect babies from harsh or inclement weather and keep children comfortable. With all the options that are being sold today, it may take a while before finding the right one that suits your infant perfectly.

Choosing the right blanket takes some thought and time. Safety should always come first. Bypass blankets that have fringe, ribbons or tassels as babies can get tangled in them. As a child ages, these blankets are fine to use.

Size is also important. The goal is to keep the baby warm, whether swaddling or using to hold or cover. One popular size is 45”x 60”. At this size, the blanket can be quite versatile. It can be utilized as a security blanket, bedding, a floor mat for tummy time or hung on the wall.

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Baby Blanket MaterialsBaby Blanket Materials

Material is key. A blanket should be lightweight, breathable, soft and machine-washable, especially when used for swaddling. Popular materials include muslin, cotton and fleece. Fleece is a washable fabric. To clean, set the cycle on gentle. Stronger cycles can cause knots in the fabric. Use only warm water. Make sure the laundry detergent is organic and designed for babies to avoid harmful, irritating chemicals.

Fleece has been popular for generations. Fleece blankets can be used to swaddle or as accessories. An older child may also use this soft fabric as a snugly blanket. Fleece blankets are breathable yet warm allowing a child to have a restful sleep.

Muslin is a thinner fabric than fleece. It is made from cotton and created by using a plain weave in a crisscross pattern. Muslin is used both in homes and commercial industries. Muslin is a durable, breathable and washable fabric. It is quite easy to clean. Wash with a mild detergent and cold water, then hang (or lay flat) to dry. Effortless cleaning is essential when dealing with babies as they drool and spit up often. Keep several blankets on hand.

Muslin is not as soft as fleece, but it is still a favored material due to its versatility. Swaddling with muslin keeps babies warm and snug while allowing body heat to escape, providing little ones with comfort as they sleep. Look for muslin made with organic cotton to ensure a healthy fabric, especially when planning to swaddle.

Another type of blanket material is baby blanket yarn. This soft textile varies in color and material and is found in many big box stores, specialty stores and online. Blanket yarn is typically used for crocheted baby blankets. It is crucial that any yarn that is used, no matter how soft, is also flame retardant. All baby blankets should be made of flame retardant material.

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Baby Blanket Safety and UsesBaby Blanket Safety and Uses

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests not putting any blankets in a baby’s crib or bassinet [1].  Per the AAP, blankets should be avoided for the first year, although some doctors allow blankets before the age of one. Check with your pediatrician for what they suggest is the appropriate age for a crib blanket.

Swaddling is a great skill for parents to learn. A swaddling blanket wraps around a baby providing a sense of comfort from being warmly snuggled. Swaddling also prevents babies from hitting and hurting themselves when they experience the startle reflex as the arms are wrapped within the blanket. This reflex can make them strike themselves in the face and subsequently disturb their sleep.

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Best Baby BlanketsBest Baby Blankets 2019

Now that you have a better understanding of baby blankets, the following are some options.

Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle Blankets

Muslin blankets are some of the best on the market and for good reason. Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle Blankets are muslin, soft, comfy, versatile and durable at the same time. Aside from being used as a swaddle blanket, this blanket transforms into a germ-free surface on which to change diapers or for an infant to practice tummy time. This blanket affords mothers some privacy during breastfeeding. It is lightweight and easy to bring along to any destination. | Amazon: $47

Rosie Pope Blankets

Rosie Pope blankets are made of muslin. They come in an array of prints from jungle animals to colorful designs. These washable blankets can be used as a swaddle or a nursing cover. Buy them in bundles for multiple uses, including the perfect shower gift. | Amazon: $19

Boritar Baby Blanket

For a newborn with sensitive skin, be cautious when choosing blankets for swaddling. One option is the Boritar Baby Blanket which comes with dual layers. The first layer, or the outer layer, is made of soft fabric, while the inner layer is composed of dotted, fluffy layers of fabric that are soft to the touch. This swaddling blanket is warm and delicate, so it will not irritate a baby’s skin. Swaddle a baby with this blanket, or use it while breastfeeding. This fabric is machine washable. | Amazon: $15

Max Daniel Rosebud and Satin Baby Blanket

On the list for the best baby blankets is the Max Daniel Rosebud and Satin Baby Blanket. These blankets safely swaddle babies because they are lightweight and breathable. This cover creates a snug hold when it is time for swaddling a little one. It comes in a wide range of fun colors and prints, and the blanket is quite large which means that it can be used as a stroller cover. | Amazon: $29

Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket

The best plush baby blankets include the chenille blanket by Little Giraffe. It is super soft and plush to comfort and soothe a newborn. It comes in different colors to match any nursery. Chenille is typically created from cotton. However, it can also be manufactured from acrylic, rayon or olefin. Chenille is washable on a gentle cycle with cold water. It can be hand-washed as well to avoid dislodging the pile. It is a bit pricey but will last for years. | Amazon: $64

Copper Pearl Blanket

For an alternative to muslin swaddle blankets, this knit fabric is a good option. It is smooth, stretchy and quite large to wrap a little one from newborn to toddler age. This blanket comes in a wide variety of colors and prints. Your toddler may find it the perfect security blanket. | Amazon: $24


Carter’s is well-known for their baby and children products. They sell everything from receiving blankets to children’s clothes. Their flannel blankets come in several shades. Pregnant mothers appreciate anything with the Carter’s label. Their swaddling blankets have multiple uses. Use it to swaddle the baby, as a nursing cover, for burping, sleeping or as a floor blanket for tummy time. Made from 100% cotton, this blanket is soft, warm and washable. The more you wash these blankets, the softer they become, leading to even better sleep. | Carter’s: $17

Coveted Things

Another one of the best baby blankets available is the swaddle scarf/blanket by Coveted Things. This blanket is quite big which means it can be used as a swaddle, nursing cover, scarf, car seat cover, a backdrop for a baby’s photo shoot or stroller cover. These blankets come with some sweet and sometimes funny sayings that add to their personality. | Coveted Things: $32

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Tips to Choose the Best Baby Blanket for A NewbornTips To Choose The Best Baby Blanket For A Newborn

Baby blankets come in a variety of styles and designs which makes it a bit challenging finding the best one for your child. There are a few types to consider when shopping:

Receiving blankets

These blankets are typically lightweight and can be draped over a parent’s shoulder when burping a little one. Use this as a cover-up to provide privacy when nursing in public. Receiving blankets are typically used when dealing with various messes like spit ups, so make sure to have a few on hand.

Security blankets

Linus from Peanuts clutches his security blanket, and many babies have blankets that they are attached to right from the start. Some brands include stuffed animals called “lovies”. These baby blankets are usually super soft and plush. Fleece blankets often fall in this category as they are not ideal for burping or swaddling. These blankets are good for helping a baby sleep. Security blankets can last for several years.

Swaddling blankets

Swaddling is typically done by parents to calm a fussy baby, particularly newborns. When you swaddle your baby correctly, it helps reduce crying restlessness. Swaddle blankets come in a variety of sizes and shapes to help wrap a baby easily.

Sleep sack

Investing in a baby sleep sack to keep an infant warm is worth considering. As the name suggests, this type of blanket is a kind of mini sleeping bag with snaps or zippers to keep a baby wrapped. The arms are cut out to allow movement. This is a good choice when the weather is cold because keeps infants warm. Another plus to this baby blanket is that it protects little ones from the cold no matter how much they kick while sleeping. Sleep sacks are good solutions for infants old enough to move their arms, and swaddling is no longer effective. Babies are free to move their arms. They provide warmth and comfort through cooler nights.

Baby quilts

Sometimes referred to as blankets, baby quilts are typically larger and thicker compared to traditional baby blankets. Quilts are created by applying filling between two outer pieces of fabric. They are joined together with decorative stitching. Use quilts as bedding for a crib or wall décor. Quilts are soft and provide comfort to help a baby sleep.

The number of choices available when buying baby blankets is quite large. From muslin to crocheted baby blankets, parents have many options from which to choose.

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Best Baby Blankets Resources:

[1]   American Academy of Pediatrics; American Academy of Pediatrics Announces New Safe Sleep Recommendations to Protect Against SIDS, Sleep-Related Infant Deaths, October 24, 2016.

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