Best Baby Bathtub – New parents discover pretty quickly that babies can get messy. For these times, the best baby bathtub will make washing and bathing a baby a safe and super easy process. There are several kinds of baby bathtubs from which to choose.

Here is a simple guide to find the baby bathtub to suit specific infant and toddler needs. These options and information will provide a better idea about picking the best baby bathtub for your little one.

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Bath Time 101Bath Time 101

Part of picking the best baby bathtub is planning.

Look around the home

Are you planning on bathing your child in the kitchen sink, or will you be using a baby bather in the larger bathtub or on a countertop?

Consider the mother’s needs

Will you be having a vaginal delivery or C-section? Bending may be prohibited for a time for the latter choice. How is your back? Can you bend over a tub?

Newborn baby care evolves

Initially, a child only needs a sponge bath. Pay attention to the underarms, hands, skin folds and the diaper area. Take care to keep the umbilical cord dry until the umbilical cord detaches.

Choose products with intention

Use only gentle cleanser formulated for a baby’s fragile skin.

Never leave a baby or toddler alone in the tub

Soap and water can make a baby very slippery, so support your baby’s head and body.

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Baby Bathtub UsesBaby Bathtub Uses

Generations of parents gave their babies their first baths in kitchen sinks. For many parents, the sink is still the first choice. A kitchen sink is the right size and height to make bathing a breeze, especially for mothers who find bending over particularly painful. The kitchen sink may also have a handy sprayer, making water access easy and bathtime fun. Over time, bath seats were developed to make sink bathing safe. For a newborn, a baby bathtub may make bath time easier as a newborn does not yet have adequate muscle control.  There are various baby bathtubs available. Choose the one that works best for you and the baby.

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Baby Bathtub Product LifeBaby Bathtub Product Life

An infant tub is used for a period of time mostly dependant on the infant and personal preference. Once a child can adequately sit up (about six months of age), a regular tub may be used with constant monitoring. However, some parents wait longer than six months depending upon the size of the baby or if they want to save water.

Baby bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes. So, these bathtubs can be used after babies have become big enough to sit up on their own. Some baby bathtubs come with non-slip surfaces or lots of room for bath toys that make this time fun.

Finding The Best Tub For Your BabyFinding The Best Tub For Your Baby

Bath time can be a precious and adorable moment for both parents and babies. However, it can also be a difficult time. A good bathtub can make the entire process a breeze for any new parent.  There are two types of baby tubs from which to choose; there are sink inserts and basins. There are also variations in size, pricing, design and functionality.

Best Baby Bathtub
Top Picks: Baby Bathtubs 2019

Aquascale Baby Bathtub

This infant bathtub is available in white and manufactured by Baby Patent. This top-of-the-line, modern tub lives up to its name and comes with a digital scale and digital thermometer. The built-in thermometer tells the exact water temperature, and the digital scale is a perfect way to keep track of a baby’s weight development even when it is not bathtime. It is ergonomically designed and BPA-free. If you love high-tech products or have a baby with reflux or colic, this bathtub may be perfect. | Price: $85

Primo Eurobath Baby Bathtub

Simplicity is everything, especially for new parents. The Primo Eurobath baby bathtub works well for newborns or as a toddler tub. This tub is a single molded plastic tub. Eurobath is proudly USA-made. It is 100% recyclable and free from hazardous components such as lead, phthalates and BPA. The Primo Eurobath has raised areas and an effective “baby stopper” which holds the child in one of two positions. One position is for a newborn to six months of age, and the second position is for six months to a toddler up to age two. Clean the Primo Eurobath bathtub with soap and water, then wipe dry. There are additional compartments for soap, shampoo, washcloths, a rinse cup and bath toys. There is also a folding bath stand available for healing mothers or fathers with back problems. This is a perfect economical tub that can serve a child as an infant to a toddler. | Price: $24

The First Years Infant to Toddler Tub with Sling

This baby bathtub comes in blue and pink. The First Years manufacturers created an infant to toddler tub that comes with a mesh sling and padded headrest. It is simple, affordable and comfortable for babies. This is another good choice for an infant bathtub that adapts to a toddler bath. The bathtub comes with three ergonomically-designed configuration settings that match the various stages of a baby’s growth and development. The newborn sling is a mesh hammock that safely holds infants during bath time. As babies grow, the sling removes and the backrest lowers to allow children to sit comfortably but still be supported. When the backrest is raised, it enables babies to sit in an upright position, while at the same time providing full support. There is a drain plug at the bottom of the bathtub. The drain plug also changes color to gauge water temperature. When the water is extremely hot, it will change to white providing parents with a warning to adjust water temperature before bathing. | Price: $19

Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

Small things come in great packages. This is what the Boon Naked Collapsible baby bathtub is all about. It comes in green, orange, pink, red and blue for a fun-filled bath time. The bathtub is sleek and collapsible for easy storage and set-up. There is also a built-in hook for hanging. The tub comes with two support positions but is made of a single ergonomic design. The design makes it easy to clean and maintain after each use. The use of a sponge insert or a non-slip mat helps ensure children do not slip. Support your baby’s head with one hand while washing. | Price: $50

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

The Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub is one a group of inflatable baby bath tubs. This inflatable duck tub is portable and comes with a cute design. This padded bathtub is ideal for travel. It has a textured bottom to prevent slipping. Inflate the bathtub, add water, and bathe. This inflatable tub also comes with a temperature sensing disc. It changes color when the water is too hot for infants. This tub is recommended for those age 6 to 24 months. | Price: $11

Prince Lionheart washPOD Bathe

The Prince Lionheart washPOD is a good option for babies who do not to like water. It emulates the surroundings of a womb to make children feel safe and secure while bathing. It uses very little water and is perfect for babies up to six months old. Like the “tummy tub,” a newborn will naturally convert into the fetal position, leaving them smoothed and relaxed. The washPOD is made of 100% BPA-free plastic. It is high quality, durable and easy to clean and store. | Price: $29

Angelcare Bath Support

The Angelcare Bath bath seat works well in either a kitchen sink or tub. It comes in white with either pink, teal or grey. The baby lays on an ergonomically designed mesh support which provides both support, safety and comfort. The design is mildew resistant. Simply clean with soap and water, and hang (hook included). It is suggested for a newborn to a baby up to 20 pounds. | Price: $14

Puj Tub

The Puj Tub is a one-piece design built for a sink. This baby bath seat is compact and made of soft foam that conforms to fit a sink, providing infants with security,  warmth and comfort. The design includes side holes that release water overflow. The foam does not absorb water making it mildew resistant. The material is also free of BPA, PVC and formaldehyde. Use warm water and soap to clean. It folds flat, making it ideal for travel and easy storage. At home, the soft and plush foam hangs flat with the use of magnets to hold its shape. The Puj Tub comes in white. The Puj Tub is for a newborn up to six months (or up to 17 pounds). | Price: $44

Best Baby Bathtub 2019
A Last Word About The Best Baby Bathtub 2019

It can be incredibly rewarding to spend time with your child. When bathing, talk to your newborn. Make eye contact, and connect with them vocally and physically. Always be safe and meticulous when handling a newborn when bathing. Babies have poor muscle tone, and water can make them slippery. Take the time, and enjoy the moment.

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Best Baby Bathtub Resources

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