Best Baby Bassinet –  About 3,500 hundred children die from sleep-related deaths every year in the United States [1]. While the number of infants dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is reducing, the number of infants dying from accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed has increased by a massive 184% from 1999 – 2015 [2].

While more parents are practicing safe sleep with their infants, some efforts to soothe fussy infants result in unsafe sleeping practices. As knowledge on the subject progresses through research, babies have a greater chance of survival. Currently, medical researchers suggest that parents practice co-sleeping versus bed sharing.

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The Importance Of Bassinets
The Importance Of Bassinets

Bed sharing occurs when parents share a bed (or chair) with an infant. Babies are at increased risk when parents fall asleep without safeguarding their infants. Co-sleeping is when the baby shares the same room with the parents, not the same bed. The baby’s bed, whether it be a crib or bassinet, should be sturdy with a firm sleep surface. The increase of co-sleeping has resurrected the bassinet. A good bassinet can provide a separate yet close place in which a baby can be comfortable while sleeping.

Most parents install a crib in the nursery in which a baby can sleep, but a baby bassinet offers the option of closer proximity. Both cribs and bassinets are considered safe sleeping choices. However, there are some fundamental differences. First of all, there is size. It is harder to keep a crib bedside than a cradle or bassinet. Second, many bassinets contain a lot of extras that help soothe babies. These include the options of rocking, providing vibration and sound effects. Some bassinets provide a canopy, a storage basket or two, a mattress and a mattress pad. All of these attributes are designed to keep babies safe while sleeping. Third, a crib is heavier with wooden (or similar material) slats versus mesh sides. Just like bassinets, a crib should have a firm mattress. There are cribs that offer different mattress supports. Some cribs come with a canopy and the ability to rock.

Regarding mattresses, the obvious difference in mattresses between a crib and bassinet is the size. Crib mattresses are larger and thicker. Both mattresses should be firm so that an infant is not in any danger of suffocation.
Since a baby bassinet is smaller than a crib, it is ideal for a newborn baby. Some parents place it bedside so that the babies are within arm’s reach when it is time for feeding. A portable bassinet or traveling bassinet, the bed is mobile. It can be taken from room-to-room or to grandma’s house, and parents are able to keep a close eye on their children while they sleep.

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Additional Benefits Of A Baby Bassinet
Additional Benefits Of A Baby Bassinet

Investing in the best baby bassinet has its perks for new parents. For starters, night feeding will be less trouble. Place it close the bed. This is perfect for mothers who are still recuperating from giving birth and need to stay in bed to recover.

Another plus to using a bassinet is that it promotes safe co-sleeping. A bedside co-sleeper system means that parents can see their little ones without putting them in danger when placed on the bed. The babies in bassinets are at no risk of suffocation or getting rolled on during sleep. Co-sleeping also reduces the risk of SIDS. For parents who sleep light, placing a little one in a crib may be a better option since every a baby’s movements may create noise.

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Best Baby Bassinet
The Best Baby Bassinets 2019

Parents often wish to purchase the best bassinet for baby. With the number of choices available, it can be tough to determine which one to use. Here is a list of bassinets that may be perfect for your infant during sleep.

Uppababy Bassinet

This is a travel crib. Uppababy specializes in changing strollers to prams to bassinets. The bassinet offers a canopy and a rain shield. Unzip the canopy for added airflow. There is also a vented base and mattress for breathability. When it is time for sleep, snap the stroller bassinet into the Uppababy Stand. When it is not being used, fold the stand away or use it as a hamper. Uppababy also offers a car seat and base. | $149

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

This HALO Bassinet is perfect for mothers who undergo C-sections and need to recover. The HALO Bassinet offers an adjustable, sturdy base that fits under the bed, so it can be rotated and swiveled over the bed. The breathable mesh sides unlock to make lifting easier. The HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper has a washable, fitted mattress sheet and mattress pad. This bassinet also features a “soothing center” which includes three soothing sounds, three lullabies, vibration and a back to bed reminder. All of these features have a 30-minute automatic shutoff. This bassinet weighs 50 pounds, so it is not considered a “traveling bassinet.” However, the HALO Bassinet could be the perfect bedside bassinet for mothers recovering from surgery or who want to breastfeed their babies from the bed. | $264

BabyBjorn Gentle Rocking Cradle

When looking for the best baby bassinet, consider this rocking bassinet from BabyBjorn. This cradle keeps a baby comfortable by creating a natural rocking motion every time the baby moves. The suspension system allows rocking in all directions helping to soothe the fussiest of babies. The mesh sides make this sleeper breathable and allow air to circulate. The mattress is firm but comfortable, and there are no hard parts that a baby can bump. It is compact but cozy making it ideal for the bedside. This may be a good choice to consider for a portable bassinet. | $349

Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper

An infant needs a good night’s sleep to grow healthy and strong. The Happiest Baby Bassinet can help with that. The white noise, rocking motion and sleep sacks help the fussiest sleeper go to bed. It is available for purchase or rental. | $1,295

BabyHome Dream Cot

A portable bassinet is always appreciated to keep the baby sleeping at the bedside. BabyHome Dream Cot is a lightweight, portable bassinet that is sturdy and easy to assemble and disassemble as needed. It is made to be a traveling bassinet as it weighs 13 pounds and can be adjusted into three different positions. Some parts of the basket are machine washable making it easy to clean. | $196

Green Frog Bassinet

Whether looking for a cradle or a crib, a crib that is easy to move around can be extremely helpful. The Green Frog Bassinet is compact and lightweight. Moving from room to room with its wheelbase is a breeze. The bassinet is designed for babies up to six months old. It comes with a rocking motion that starts when babies move, soothing them back to sleep. This cradle comes with a mesh window to see the baby and allow airflow. | $199.99

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard

The best baby bassinet that grows with little ones is the Pack ‘n Play Playard. It comes with a reversible napper and changer which makes it a one-stop cradle and changing station in one. The napper station is soft and safe. Flip the unit over for a waterproof changing station that comes with machine washable fabric. There are integrated storage pockets and a push-button fold. When an infant becomes a toddler, the newborn napper station removes, and it becomes a baby bassinet playpen. Many parents use it as a travel crib. | $93

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

Delta Children’s Sweet Beginnings Bassinet is a great option for those with a smaller budget who still want a nice baby bassinet. This cradle is made for infants and can carry a baby’s weight up to 15 pounds. The adjustable canopy can be removed. Soothing lullabies play from the built-in speakers to lull babies to sleep. There is also a nightlight and a two-section storage basket. | $47

Graco’s Dream Suite Bassinet

This bassinet serves as a cradle and changer making it an excellent bedside bassinet. It also features a canopy, attached soft toys and a 2-speed vibration to soothe the baby. Wheels make it an excellent option as a travel bassinet and for bedside use. | $149

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Baby Bassinets
A Last Word About The Baby Bassinets

Keeping babies safe is a 24/7 job. It is convenient for parents to have easy access to their little one’s crib when in bed. A bassinet or cradle can be easily placed next to the bed. While infants are small, their equipment is large and bulky. This is to ensure safety, whether it is a crib or a travel bassinet.

It is also important to keep babies comfortable and attend to their specific needs. Bassinets have come a long way since the traditional bassinet of years past. Many include mesh sides for better airflow and bells and whistles to aid in sleep.

A HALO Bassinet allows parents to care for their babies without leaving the bed. A rocking bassinet offers vibration, rocking and sounds to soothe and help with sleeping. The Uppababy is a great travel bassinet. The Delta Sweet Beginnings, Baby Cot and Baby Bjorn bassinets are other great choices. The Pack ‘n Play Playard can be used by children as they grow. The Happy Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper can be rented instead of bought. The bottom line is that there are a variety of choices to fit a variety of needs.

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