Baby Teething – Official 7 Step Guide To Help Your Baby

Baby teething is heartbreaking to watch as your little one feels an almost constant pain and discomfort for what feels like far too long.  After going through the pain of teething, parents, and babies agree; a tooth is worth way more than a dollar! Your baby will be extremely cranky and irritable when teething begins.  There will be drooling, crying, chewing and gnawing on everything.

The Tooth Fairy should be paying through the teeth (pun intended).

The 411 on Teething

Baby Teething

Around six months, your baby’s first tooth will begin to show. Do not be anxious if the six month period hits and there is no sign of a pearly white. As long as the hair and nails are growing, you need not worry. Some babies are late bloomers and have their first tooth by age one.

The most common teething symptoms in babies and toddlers are drooling, irritability, and swollen or irritated gums [1].

Some parents have correlated teething with fever and diarrhea, but no conclusive evidence has been found.

It may be more likely that during the teething period, babies put their hands inside their mouths more often increasing the likelihood of infection. Parents supplying various teething relievers such as toys and pacifiers also increases the probability of germs being spread.

Fever and diarrhea are serious enough by themselves to warrant a closer look.

However, the discomfort that comes from baby teething does not require medical treatment [2].

Believe it or not, the best methods to help your baby are home remedies.

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#7 – Massage

Massage Your Teething Baby

Use a clean finger or dampened gauze pad to massage your baby’s gums.

Gentle rubbing eases the pain.

Some parents have made themselves their baby’s emergency teething toy when their baby is crying inconsolably.

Bend your index finger (make sure it is washed and clean), and let your baby bite into the second joint for temporary relief.

#6 – Chill

Ice Pack For Teething Baby

Chill teething rings in the refrigerator. Do not freeze. Opt for solid silicone or rubber teethers. Liquid-filled teethers may leak, and some plastic teethers contain harmful chemicals [3].

The coolness relieves pain in the same way ice does for a sprained ankle. However, anything frozen is a big no-no for babies. They might hurt themselves.

#5 – DIY Teethers

DIY Teethers

Soak washcloths in chamomile tea, and then place inside a sealed plastic bag before putting in the refrigerator.

Let your baby munch on the cool cloth when fussing begins.

#4 – Miracle Foods

Foods For Teething Babies

If you have started your baby on solids, cold yogurt and pureed fruit can help relieve pain. Use a refrigerated spoon to maximize the cooling experience.

If you are nursing or bottle feeding your child, continue to do so. Feeding comforts a teething baby.

If biting occurs during nursing, a good solution is to let your baby bite on a cold spoon or munch a chilled washcloth before you nurse.

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#3 – Minimize the Irritation

Minimize the Irritation

The skin around your baby’s mouth might become irritated because of the excessive drooling.

Remember to have a clean cloth handy for wiping the saliva. Do not use baby wipes as they tend to dry out the skin.

#2 – Distract!

Distract Your Teething Baby

Distract your baby with play, a warm bath, toys, or give a lot of cuddles.

Everybody needs a cuddle or two.

#1 – Beware

Beware When Baby Teething

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued several warnings about topical medications containing benzocaine and products with lidocaine.

Do not give products with aspirin to a baby; they should be avoided by anyone younger than 19 years of age.

Do not give your child acetaminophen or ibuprofen without first consulting your pediatrician [4].

Over-the-counter homeopathic treatments such as gels and tablets may also pose a risk.

So when you speak to the Tooth Fairy about that dollar tooth, negotiate a higher price.

They deserve it.

Baby Teething – The Ultimate Guide For Babies While Teething

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