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A baby stuffy nose is difficult for both new parents and old hats. Regardless of experience, there is certain helplessness in dealing with a child’s discomfort and illness.

When a child cannot breathe, it is even more challenging.

Nasal congestion is part of growing up especially during infancy while a runny nose can rid germs the natural way.

However, mucus does get blocked, and a stuffy nose is bothersome. Your baby will start fretting, and then you will begin worrying.

To settle some of those fears, here are some fast rules to help a baby suffering from a stuffy nose.

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Baby Stuffy Nose •  How To Clear A Baby’s Stuffy Nose  •  When do you go to a doctor?

How To Clear A Baby’s Stuffy Nose

#7 – Saline All the Way For Baby Stuffy Nose Can’t Sleep

Baby Stuffy Nose

Use saline drops and a bulb syringe; it is the best and the fastest way to clear a baby’s stuffy nose.

Put a few drops of saline solution inside each nostril; then, use a bulb syringe to remove the mucus.

The best way to use a bulb syringe is to squeeze the bulb part first. Place the tip inside your child’s nostril, and slowly release the bulb.

For a newborn, use the blue bulb which is an eye dropper. It is smaller and will be gentler.

Wash bulbs with soap and water after use. Give it a few squeezes to let the water out, and wipe everything dry.

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How To Clear A Baby’s Stuffy Nose #6 – Cut the Crust

Infant With Stuffy Nose

Gently remove the mucus crust that gathers around your baby’s nose.

Do this delicately because repeated cleansing may irritate the skin.

Dampen a cotton ball with warm water and slowly wipe.

Use a cotton swab dampened with warm water to clean just inside the nostril.

How To Clear A Baby’s Stuffy Nose #5 – Humidify

Humidifier For Infant With Stuffy Nose

Place a humidifier inside your child’s room.

If you are on a tight budget, there are small, portable desktop humidifiers that can comparably do the job of a high-end one.

Make sure you do not place your humidifiers too near the crib or beside drapes and fabric.

How To Clear A Baby’s Stuffy Nose #4 – Homemade Steam Room

Homemade Steam Room For Baby With Stuffy Nose

Run the shower at its hottest for a few minutes. Sit in the steamy room while holding your baby upright. This will help clear the mucus.

When your baby has fallen asleep, treat yourself to a steamy bath. Give yourself some quiet time especially if your child has been fretting incessantly.

How To Clear A Baby’s Stuffy Nose #3 – Love Taps

Stuffy Nose For Infant

Hold your baby on your lap, bent slightly forward. Cup your hand and give a tap on the back.

You can also lay the baby on your knees, face down, and do the same. This will help loosen mucus in the chest.

You can also gently massage the chest and back; there is nothing like a parent’s loving touch to soothe and calm your baby.

How To Clear A Baby’s Stuffy Nose #2 – Hydrate

Hydrate For A Baby With A Stuffy Nose

Keep your baby hydrated.

For newborns, milk is all that is necessary.  Fruit juices are not for infants less than six months old.

Your baby may not feed due to discomfort. To encourage nursing or feeding, decongest the nose by applying the saline solution and pumping out the mucus a few minutes before feeding time.

How To Clear A Baby’s Stuffy Nose #1 – Wait It Out

Baby Sleeping With A Stuffy Nose

Believe it or not, allowing the natural healing process to run its course is, in general, the ideal course of action.

Do not prop your baby upright while sleeping unless you are holding them yourself. Making an infant sleep in the car seat is also discouraged as it can restrict the airway [1].

You can insert a towel underneath the mattress to slightly elevate your baby’s head.  This will help relieve a baby stuffy nose.

Table Of Contents

Baby Stuffy Nose •  How To Clear A Baby’s Stuffy Nose  •  When do you go to a doctor?

Cleaning Baby's Stuffy Nose

When do you go to a doctor?

  • A temperature of 100℉ or higher, especially for newborns
  • Inability to breathe or struggle for breath
  • Vomiting or coughing up blood
  • Worsening condition
  • Cold is persisting longer than three weeks

Infancy can be a frightening time for new parents. It is also a time of discovery. It is filled with awe and wonder. Awe at the amazing child you are holding in your arms. Wonder at all the possibilities yet to come for you and your growing baby.

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[1]   Health Link BC; Safe Sleeping for Babies, Number 107, May 2018.

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