Baby Soap For Sensitive Skin – Babies have delicate skin, especially during the first few months of their lives. During these early months, their skin is still developing and prone to rashes and skin irritations. Some rashes develop from exposure to urine and feces. Other babies may inherit a genetic predisposition to skin conditions such as eczema. Rashes may also form due to harsh chemicals that are found in baby soap, shampoo, and wash.

Regarding your baby’s skincare routine, you don’t have to bathe your baby all the time. It’s not necessary. Also, the more you bathe your little one, the higher their risk of having dry skin. It’s essential to have a baby soap for sensitive skin that can safely use on your baby.

Baby Soap For Sensitive Skin
Ingredients To Avoid In Baby Sensitive Skin Soap

It’s not always easy to avoid harsh chemicals in baby shampoo. Just because a product is labeled hypoallergenic, or specifically a baby soap for sensitive skin, its ingredients may still be harsh or ineffective.

How can this be? Personal care products, including baby bath soap for sensitive skin, are not regulated in the same manner as food products. In the former category, a product may be labeled as containing coconut oil or chamomile, but the actual content of those ingredients are not defined. Also, a product label may state it contains an ingredient, such as aloe vera, though its effectiveness may be negated through the manufacturing process.

Parents should familiarize themselves with the ingredients in baby products. If you want a baby soap sensitive skin, free from harsh chemicals, you should read the labels when shopping for baby shampoo and soap. Many potentially harmful ingredients arise from the ingredients used to create preservatives or fragrances. Compounds, such as parabens and phthalates, as well as tetrasodium etidronate, are commonly used and do not have to be divulged by the manufacturer.


Phthalates are often used as a preservative in various skin care products such as lotion and shampoo. They can lead to endocrine disruption, which can cause allergies, cancer, asthma, and even poor sperm motility. Avoid names like dibutyl phthalate, diethylhexyl phthalate, and other chemicals ending in the word, phthalates [1].

Tetrasodium etidronate

This is made from sodium cyanide and formaldehyde. It can break down the skin’s protective layer and allow other toxic ingredients in the product to seep through [2].


This ingredient became popular as another option for preservatives. However, phenoxyethanol has irritating components that can be bad for the eyes and the skin. The compound can be toxic to the liver, kidneys, and the nervous system [3].


Just like phthalates, parabens are another type of preservatives. Additional research is required to determine the effects that parabens can have on our body. One study showed parabens present in breast tumors – but it was not proven that these chemicals caused the cancer. Parabens also have weak estrogenic effects [4].

Synthetic fragrances

This component is a bit harder to discern. Labeled a ‘soap for sensitive baby skin’ that is not certified organic, verifying it’s ingredients, may contain synthetic fragrance. Synthetic fragrance is made from phthalates, petrochemicals, as well as other compounds that can affect your baby.


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What Is The Best Baby Soap For Sensitive SkinWhat Is The Best Baby Soap For Sensitive Skin?

You’re probably looking for a tear-free shampoo or baby soap that you can use to make your baby squeaky clean, but is safe for them as well? MADE OF baby skincare line, including their baby soap for sensitive skin has gone through several accreditation processes that certify all their products are organic. MADE OF products are also created with an eye toward sustainability and no animal cruelty.

MADE OF Baby Soap for Sensitive Skin

Always look for baby shampoo and baby wash that is made from organic ingredients. Look for the NSF certified organic insignia. This validates that the product contains at least 70% organic ingredients by weight. MADE OF Foaming Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is a cut above the rest.

What makes this product a good choice when it comes to the best baby soap for sensitive skin? Here are a few factors to consider.


Sulfates, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, gives baby shampoo their foaming properties. However, sulfates can be harsh and toxic. This brand does not use sulfates to achieve its foaming action.

Protects against cradle cap

MADE OF baby shampoo can also help keep cradle cap at bay. You’ll only find natural ingredients, as opposed to parabens and phthalates, which can strip the natural oils from the skin and scalp. MADE OF shampoo helps moisturize the scalp to help loosen dry patches.

Makes use of organic herbs

If you take a closer look at the list of ingredients, you’ll find that it includes herbs, such as calendula and chamomile. These are known for their cleansing and anti-bacterial properties.

Contains organic aloe vera

Aloe vera is recognized for its soothing and healing properties. It is also useful when hydrating the skin.

Comes with sunflower oil

This conditioning agent is cold-pressed from the sunflower seeds. The oil is known to moisturize the skin. The texture of the oil makes it easier to be absorbed by the skin without leaving any traces of residue afterward.

Has natural humectant

Organic glycerin is also used in this baby shampoo and body wash, to further boost the moisture levels in your baby’s skin. Glycerin is derived from vegetable fat that can help protect your baby’s skin from dryness, a good line of defense in keeping skin irritations at bay.

Contains jojoba oil

What else makes this baby shampoo and body wash worth considering? It has jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a known skin conditioning agent and emulsifier. It is gentle on the skin, plus, it is non-comedogenic, so it will not clog your baby’s skin pores.

Ideal for sensitive skin

If you are looking for baby bath soap for sensitive skin, then this is the one for you. Its gentle ingredients are perfect for babies with eczema, acne, or other skin conditions.

Understandably, you will be looking for a baby sensitive skin soap to be part of your infant’s skincare routine. Although there is no shortage of options, it is best you invest in one that is good for your baby and their world. Try MADE OF organic baby soap and feel the difference in your baby’s skin.

Organic Baby Product Samples

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