A child’s first steps is a huge milestone.

But, for parents, baby proofing the house is a labor of love.

When a child starts crawling, parents should plan ahead for the walking and running stage.

Before you do anything, get down on your child’s level.

Sit down on the floor and survey the surroundings.

Then, get busy!

#7 – Cover Up Outlets

Baby proofing cover up outlets

Electrical outlets are a real hazard for small children.

First, they are right at a crawling baby’s eye level.

Second, their little fingers easily fit into the openings. Place outlet covers in any outlet, not in use.

Make sure they fit in tightly.

You don’t want baby pulling them out.

As an added safety measure, inspect the covers every so often.

#6 – Hang It Up

Baby proofing hanging up cloths

Don’t let clothes or other items hang on furniture.

Little fingers naturally grab, and you don’t want your baby pulling these items upwards to their face, as it can be a breathing hazard.

This goes for pieces of clothing or towels laying on the changing table as well.

#5 – Remove Glass In The Nursery

Baby Proofing Remove Glass In The Nursery

Safe-proofing your baby’s room means removing breakable items.

Replace the glass that covers artwork with Plexiglass. Small children like to fling things.

Even more, jagged pieces of glass can cause serious injuries.

#4 –  Don’t Forget The Doorknobs

Baby proofing doors

Door knobs are a natural draw because they are shiny objects.

Conceal your knobs with covers so that little children will not be able to grip them.

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#3 – Cabinet Latches

Cabinet Latches

Lower kitchen cabinets should be safeguarded with the use of safety latches.

These are very affordable and easy to install with just the use of a screwdriver.

But, don’t just stop at the kitchen.

Go through the house and secure all your cabinets.

#2 – Stove Safety

Baby proofing Stove Safety

Often, a baby’s toys have a lot of colorful knobs.

Kids can’t distinguish between knobs on their toys to those on the stove.

Cover knobs to reduce the risk of little fingers reaching up and grabbing them.

Use a stove guard to protect your child from spills and splatters.

#1 – Reduce Distractions

Baby Proofing Reduce Distractions

Keep your child’s toys within their reach to keep them busy.

Buy toy storage bins (without lids) to reduce clutter and keep them in one place.

Toys should be easily accessible for your child to safely touch, learn and explore.

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