Baby Proof Bathroom – Babies have a way of making us rethink a lot of things we take for granted such as the safety of our homes.  The bathroom is one room that your infant will be using and should be one of the top places in your babyproofing list.

Baby Proof Bathroom
Baby Proof Bathroom Tip #5  – Always Be There

The first rule of baby proofing the bathroom is that little ones should never be left unattended.

Always have an adult to supervise young children.  Even an inch of water is enough to drown a child.

Don’t take for granted your baby’s safety even if you have baby proofed a room or have safety measures in place, especially in a bathroom where your baby will probably be awake and active.

It is not safe to leave your child alone even in baby bath items, such as infant bath seats or a baby bathtub.

Suction cups can loosen or an infant can fall over and not be able to lift himself. This also includes never leaving your newborn alone in a sink, no matter how shallow the water.

If you need to leave your baby, wrap him in a towel and take him with you. Water and babies is always a safety concern.

Baby Proof Bathroom Tip #4 - Be Prepared
Baby Proof Bathroom Tip #4 – Be Prepared

Put everything you need on hand and within reach, especially during bath time.

From washcloth, towel to soap, prepare everything to wash your baby ahead of time.

When babies reach 6 to 8 months and when they could already sit on their own, it’s time to graduate to using the big tub, which means upping the babyproofing and safety measures.

Put non-slip mats in the bathtub and discourage standing while bathing.

You can also use a baby bath seat or a baby bath seat ring which is an inflatable ring.

These are really handy when your baby is all soapy and slippery and when your baby is still learning to balance and tends to topple easily.
Make sure that any product you buy has been evaluated through the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

This agency specifically develops standards (and bans) with an eye toward consumer products safety.

However, a word of caution.

A baby bath seat was not created to serve as a safety device, nor is a baby bath ring.

Also, they are not babysitters; go back to Tip # 5 – never leave your child alone even to answer the phone or the doorbell.

Baby Proof Bathroom Tip #3 - Watch The Water
Baby Proof Bathroom Tip #3 – Watch The Water

There are two things to watch out for when it comes to water: the water level and the temperature.

As mentioned, a few inches of water is enough to cause drowning. The more water you use, the more dangerous it becomes. Limit the water level to four inches at the most.

Also, a baby’s skin is very fragile and what may be warm for us may be hot for a baby. There is a reason for all that softness.

The best safety measure is to adjust your water heater’s temperature to 120 F. Always use lukewarm water when bathing your child and test the temperature with your elbow or wrist. Warmer water can damage baby’s sensitive skin.

When the water cools, then bath time is over. Also, never add hot water with your baby in the tub. That’s an accident waiting to happen. It would only need a few seconds for your baby’s skin to burn.

Baby Proof Bathroom Tip #2 -  Unplug Electric Appliances
Baby Proof Bathroom Tip #2 –  Unplug Electric Appliances

Always unplug and store electrical appliances such as hair dryers and razors.

Use a child safety lock for these drawers and cabinets especially when your baby turns into a toddler, and everything becomes a curious business.

If your budget can accommodate it, you can have an electrician install ground-fault circuit interrupters that can prevent electrical shock.

They shut off electricity in case of a ground-fault and do it within 1/40 of a second.

Also, install socket covers for all electrical sockets in your bathroom. Include the whole house especially those that are within reach of a child.

Baby Proof Bathroom Tip #1 - Bathroom Safety Measures
Baby Proof Bathroom Tip #1 – General Bathroom Safety Measures

In babyproofing your bathroom, you are also minimizing accidents other children or even for adults. It may be a bit of work, but an ounce of prevention is better a pound of cure.

The toilet seat and bathroom door should be closed at all time. Mind them too when you are leaving.

Put a cushioned cover or spout protector over your faucet so you can minimize injury in case somebody hits their head on a tap.

Another safety measure is installing an anti-scald faucet which would be good in the long run when you child starts taking a bath on her own.

Put your medicine cabinet high up that a child cannot reach it. Childproof your cabinets and drawers. Also, don’t put toothpaste and shampoos and soaps in the same storage.

Bathroom cleaning materials should always be in locked cabinets.

Lastly, don’t forget your comfort when you are baby proofing the bathroom.

Accidents usually happen when one is in rush or making shortcuts for convenience’s sake.

Use products such as a cushioned kneeler, so you are always within arm’s reach of your baby. Or you can use a tub elbow rest.

Baby proofing doesn’t mean you forgo perks. But all parents know, when it comes to a child, safety is everything.

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[HOW TO] Keep Your Baby Safe In The Bathroom

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