Baby Organic WipesChoosing the best baby organic wipes may seem like an easy thing to do. But for parents who are constantly bombarded with different types and brands of wet wipes, it can be a complicated task.

From hypoallergenic baby wipes to reusable baby wipes, picking out the best organic baby face wipes or diaper wipes that will not cause skin irritation or increase the risk of diaper rash is the primary goal.

This is where MADE OF organic wipes for baby comes in. Why are these baby wipes the best in 2019? Experts weigh in.


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Baby Organic Wipes Are Disposable Baby Wipes Safe For Newborns?

First and foremost, let’s establish the safety of disposable wipes. According to a recent study, the use of baby wet wipes is recommended during a newborn’s diaper change to maintain cleanliness [1].

Since newborns have delicate skin, parents are encouraged to use hypoallergenic products, especially when there is any indication of skin irritation. Furthermore, always choose baby wipes that are free from harsh chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrance, parabens, and phthalates.

For environmentally-conscious parents, opting for reusable wipes or cloth wipes instead of disposable baby organic wipes is often considered. Cloth baby wipes are just as effective as disposable baby wipes but may pose a sanitary risk.

Also, far as the environment is concerned, you must factor in the use of laundry detergents and energy (electric) used to wash and dry these cloth wipes. Depending on the location of the laundry appliances, you may also have to factor in gas. Finally, you must consider the time it takes to launder the number of cloth wipes you will go through.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Organic Wipes For BabyFactors To Consider Before Buying Organic Wipes For Baby


The price of organic cotton baby wipes dramatically depends on the brand, quality, and quantity. Various brands offer online diaper, and organic cotton baby wipes through a subscription service that includes a monthly delivery at typically discounted rates. If you want to get a great deal on the best baby organic wipes, sign up for a risk-free trial membership from MADE OF.


One of the things that dictate the price of organic wipes for baby is their thickness. Thin wipes may not offer the cleaning ability that your baby needs. Although they may be perfect for serving as organic baby face wipes, they may be too flimsy to deal with larger, softer bowel movements leading you to use multiple wipes at one time.

Thick, biodegradable baby wipes may be better at cleaning up messes and preventing diaper rash from developing or aggravating sensitive baby skin.

Safe for baby’s sensitive skin

Speaking of baby’s skin, your little one has extra sensitive skin, so you’re better off buying unscented or plant-based scented wipes. That is because synthetically scented baby wipes often contain harsh ingredients, including preservatives, sulfates, and lab-made fragrance – all of which can cause an allergic skin reaction.


If you’re planning to buy gentle organic baby wipes, make sure they contain all the right ingredients. Organic aloe vera and organic argan oil, for instance, are good for skin conditioning and has antimicrobial properties.

Other natural ingredients, such as coconut oil and olus oil, also work effectively in organic baby face wipes or diaper wipes. MADE OF baby wipes are formulated using these wholesome, safe ingredients above, to name a few.


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Why MADE OF Baby Organic Wipes Are The Best In 2019Why MADE OF Baby Organic Wipes Are The Best In 2019

MADE OF soothing baby wipes are the best natural baby wipes on the market today. They are an excellent replacement for paper towels, cloth diapers, and washcloths because these soothing baby wipes are hypoallergenic and made without harmful ingredients or chemicals.

As it was mentioned before, natural ingredients such as aloe vera, echinacea, coconut oil, and argan oil are part of its ingredients list, all of which nourish the skin without stripping it from its natural oils.

Monthly Diaper Subscription

What’s Included In This Diaper Subscription

  • Six packs of 10-hour leak free soft diapers
  • Four packs of 80 count organic baby wipes
  • Free Shipping
  • Month to month, cancel anytime

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You’ll never have to worry about running out of MADE OF organic wipes and diapers with the MADE OF subscription service. You can get a monthly delivery service that consists of 6 packs of MADE OF organic diapers and 4 packs of MADE OF wipes for only $80 a month.

Organic Baby Wipes Only Subscription

What’s Included In This Subscription

  • Six packs of 80 count organic baby wipes
  • Free shipping
  • Month to month, cancel anytime

Shop diaper wipes subscription

Simply select the diaper size and the frequency of the shipping. You can update this at any time as your baby grows a size up. Delivery is free, and you can cancel your diaper, and natural baby wipes subscription anytime!

With chemical-free, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic MADE OF non-toxic baby products, there is no reason to put your baby at risk by buying so-called “sensitive wipes” that contain a myriad of potentially harsh chemicals. Ensure your baby’s safety by using only the best –MADE OF organic and natural care baby wipes.


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Ingredients You Will Not Find In MADE OF Baby WipesIngredients You Will Not Find In MADE OF Baby Wipes

Wipes vary in more than just one way, whether they are disposable baby wipes or reusable baby wipes. Don’t be fooled by baby products that are labeled as natural baby wipes. The U.S. does not require testing on personal care products like it does with food. Thus, there is no formal definition of organic or natural baby products.

To determine if non-toxic baby products genuinely are safe, you must understand the label and manufacturing process. That is, a product may list an organic ingredient, such as aloe vera, but the consumer has no idea how much of that ingredient is used. Also, it’s effect may be compromised through the manufacturing process.

You will never find any of these harsh ingredients in MADE OF baby wipes or any of their baby personal care products, for that matter.

Here are some chemicals that should be avoided:


Parabens are preservatives that can cause skin reactions and aggravate existing skin issues, including diaper rash. According to scientific research, they are thought to cause hormonal disruption and may be linked to infertility [2]. Parabens can show up on the ingredients list as propylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, and isobutylparaben. In general, avoid products that list chemicals that end in “paraben.”


Although considered as a much safer preservative than parabens, phenoxyethanol is linked to skin irritations for those with eczema and may also cause adverse effects on the nervous system functions.

Sodium Benzoate

Sodium Benzoate is also a synthetic preservative that is commonly present in the formulation of cotton baby wipes. However, when used in high amounts, it can leave you at risk for organ system toxicity. Furthermore, when mixed with citric acid, it can become highly carcinogenic [3].

Synthetic fragrance

Biodegradable or hypoallergenic wipes that contain synthetic fragrance on their ingredients list may be hiding toxic chemicals, including phthalates. Certified baby organic wipes do not need a fragrance to be effective, and when organic baby wipes have a scent, it is completely safe as it is derived from plants.

Some companies use the term fragrance as an umbrella term. Ingredients in fragrances are considered “trade secrets,” and manufacturers don’t have to reveal their formula. Thus, harsh or toxic chemicals that can potentially be absorbed through your baby’s skin may be present in their formula.

Benzalkonium chloride

Benzalkonium Chloride is used as an antimicrobial preservative and disinfectant in sensitive baby wipes. Based on scientific research, it is a skin irritant and can cause a contact allergy even in small concentrations [4].  Benzalkonium chloride can be found in many baby products.

Conclusion: All Natural Organic Baby Wipes

MADE OF believes that transparency is essential when it comes to ingredients. All of the ingredients, certifications, formulations, and manufacturing processes of their baby skin care products, including their baby wipes, are all available for inspection on their website. If you still have questions, MADE OF’s customer service department is happy to help you [5].

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