Baby Kick Womb – The first time a woman feels the flutter of tiny toes inside her womb is a memorable time in a pregnancy.  But what do these movements actually mean?  A bit more than you might initially think!

#5 – Baby’s Environment

Baby’s Environment

Over time, a woman will feel baby’s movement in response to her own motions.

Or, baby may move or stretch as a response to noise, light or even the food that the woman eats.

Sometimes, baby just needs to stretch and relax.

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#4 – Lying On The Left Side

Pregnant Lying On The Left Side

When a woman lies on her left side, there is an increase in blood supply to the baby.

Baby can respond with renewed energy and kicking can increase.

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#3 – Kicking Can Start Early On

Baby Kicking Can Start Early On

Typically, during a first pregnancy, the woman starts feeling a baby kick between 16 weeks and 25 weeks.

In subsequent pregnancies, women tend to feel kicks earlier.

After 24 weeks, many women report feeling frequent activity.

#2 – Active Baby Outside The Womb?

Active Baby Outside The Womb

Babies kick about 15 – 20 times during the day and also at night.

You may feel an increase in activity after meals or when you sit down to rest.

Many times babies who are active in the womb are also active once born.

Every baby is different and behavior can vary widely within and outside of the womb.

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#1 – The First Kick Sends A Message

Baby Kicking Can Start Early On

Baby is letting the outside world know that they are active.

It is indicative of baby’s age, growth as well as viability.

Some experts believe that baby’s kick holds the key to its brain development.


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