Baby Hearing – Research shows that babies within the womb can definitely hear noises [1].  However, the sounds a baby hears in utero is much different than what he or she will listen to once born.  Experts believe that sounds are muted by about 50%.  Experts equate it to the way noises may be heard when a person is underwater.

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#5 – At 18 Weeks Hearing Is Developed

Babies Start Hearing At 18 Weeks

Nine weeks after conception, small indentations appear on each side of the neck.

By week 16, sounds such as a gurgling stomach or air whooshing through the lungs can be heard.

At 24 weeks, the head turns in response to voices [2]. In fact, studies show that babies remember voices and music.

#4 – Baby Can Hear When You’re Short Of Breath

Baby Can Hear When You’re Short Of Breath

As the baby grows, there may be increased pressure against the diaphragm.

Lungs compress and sometimes, a woman experiences shortness of breath.

As breathing gets louder and deeper, the baby can hear the actual air flow through the lungs.

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#3 – Does Music Make A Music A Difference?

Babies Hear Music

Studies do not support the notion that playing classical music raises a babies IQ in utero [3].

However, playing music that boosts your mood and activity may make your baby happier.

#2 – By The Third Trimester, Your Baby Knows Your Voice

By The Third Trimester, Your Baby Knows Your Voice

Science shows that babies not only recognize their mother’s voice but prefer it above all others [4].

Research [5] shows that by seven or eight months in utero, a baby’s heart rate will slow down whenever mom is speaking, indicating that this can be quite calming for the baby.

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#1 – The Heartbeat That Bonds

Baby Hears Mothers Heartbeat

A baby in utero can hear mom’s heartbeat.

It becomes a soothing bond between baby and mother.

Studies have shown that some newborn infants find going to sleep easier if they listen to a recording of mom’s heartbeat.

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