Baby Fence – Having a small child at home is sure to be a source of happiness. But once they start crawling, baby proofing your home is in order. One particular item that most parents look into is the baby fence or baby gate.  This safety barrier is used to keep your infant from reaching dangerous areas in your home.

What Is A Baby Fence?

A baby fence is designed to keep your independent baby from wandering. But it can also be used to provide a means for your little one to exercise their grip and the rest of their motor skills, especially when they start to learn to walk.

There are different types of safety fences being sold on the market today. When looking for a baby gate, you need to determine the purpose of the fence. Are you looking to enclose a play area? An enclosed play space will have different requirements depending on whether it’s inside or out in the backyard.  Also, any baby guard pool fences used to separate your baby from a pool deck must be built with special precautions to ensure the child cannot pull the gate open.

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Factors to Consider
Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Baby Fence

Once your child starts crawling, it is understandable that you will want to furnish your home with a baby fence or gate. But which type should you get? Here are a few factors that you should take into account.


Determine where you will be placing this fence in your home. For example, will it be by your fireplace or your stairs? For these kinds of situations, you will need one that can be easily fastened on the walls to prevent your baby from collapsing the barrier. On the other hand, if it is for the kitchen or living room, you may be able to use a freestanding or a pressure mounted type of fence since they are easy to remove. Perhaps, you’re looking at guard fences to separate the backyard from a pool deck. For deck surfaces, special equipment might be needed to prevent slippage on wet surfaces and discourage climbing


Baby fences are often made from different materials. Wood and metal are known to be sturdy and durable, while plastic and fabric might better protect your little one from bumps if they accidentally fall into the fence. The beauty of wood and metal is that they are heavy and will not be easy for your inquisitive baby to get by.

Foot traffic

You must also consider foot traffic if you are planning on installing a playpen fence. If you are placing one near areas prone to plenty of foot traffic, make sure that you get a playpen fence that comes with gates so you and the rest of the family can easily go through while keeping your baby safe.

Consider spacing and width

The width and spacing of the slats are also essential when choosing a baby fence for a wide doorway. You want to ensure that your baby cannot get stuck within the fence. You should take precise measurements to determine if you will need extensions to prevent your little one from slipping through.

Latch type

Your child’s safety should be your priority at all times, so make sure that your mesh, wood, metal, or plastic fence will not be easy to open by your little one. Look for a latch that is easy for you to open but will deter your baby. Some newer baby fences have special indicators that can signal as to whether the latch is locked or not.


Another factor that you should consider before you get a new fence for your baby is how it will be installed. There are two types of installation. You can choose from wall-mounted  (hardware-mounted) safety gates or pressure-mounted safety gates. As the name suggests, the wall-mounted type will need to be secured on a wall or a beam to hold the fence in place. A baby guard pool fence needs to be mounted in order to prevent any untoward incidents in the swimming pool. On the other hand, a pressure-mounted gate or fence is designed with the ends pushing on either side of the doorway. It does not require drilling nor having to screw the fence in place.


As a general rule, the safety gate should be around 60cm in height. Typically, the gate must be least three-quarters of your baby’s height to stop them from going over the fence and into the more dangerous areas in your home.

Slat openings

Ensure the slat openings for your baby’s fence are between 50mm and 95mm to prevent your baby from having their head or their torso becoming lodged in the openings. Also, all slats should be vertical since babies are quite adept in climbing.

No pet gates

If you think that pet gates and baby fences are one and the same, they are not. For one thing, pet gates are not sturdy enough to protect your little one. They also tend to be lightweight which makes them prone to falling over when force is applied. Pet gates are designed to be removable. Safety products for pets are not the same as those for kids.

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Benefits of a Baby GateBenefits Of A Baby Gate

Installing a playpen fence or baby guard pool fence is a necessity for some families as their child starts to crawl or has found to be an energetic little explorer. Their benefits are numerous.

Keep children away from danger

Baby fences are typically installed in areas that are dangerous such as the stairs, the fireplace, or near a pool deck using a baby guard pool fence. This helps you avoid any untoward accidents.

Keep baby in one area

Keeping your baby in one place is a necessity when it comes time to clean your home. Some portable fences are lightweight. This type of fence allows you to easily move it and keep your little one nearby as you go about your daily work.

Playing outdoors

Some playpens can be placed outside for your baby. Your baby can be exposed to the wonders of nature while keeping them safe.

Protect against chemical hazards

Babies are inquisitive by nature and may get into trouble when they are left to their own devices. For instance, it’s amazing how fast they find your kitchen cabinets which can be dangerous. Often, these are where poisonous cleaners are kept. Placing baby fences in strategic locations of your home provide an extra layer of protection and ensures your peace of mind.

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Baby FenceBest Baby Fence

Now that you are familiar with what to look for when buying a safety fence or gate, let’s take a look at some key features of popular styles of gates.

Walk-thru gate

This type of fence is quick and easy to install. Its construction is durable, and can either be wall mounted or pressure mounted. However, it includes an easy slide latch.

Easy open-release baby gate

As a mother, you’ll have your hands full, both literally and figuratively. A baby gate can be an added obstacle so you may want one that comes with a gate that can be opened with one hand. This may be a good gate to install in high traffic areas and by stairs.

Soft mesh top gate

This is a portable fence that doesn’t have any bars and comes in an expandable design with a mesh top. However, in general, there is no quick-release latch which can be problematic if your hands are full.

Multi-use walk-through gate

Compared to other fences, you’ll find that these kind come with sufficient height to keep your baby from going over. It can also act as a door stopper and provide an extra form of safety by your stairs. In general, these gates come with an auto-close feature which will reduce your time spent latching the gate closed.

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A Last Word - Baby Gate Safety
A Last Word Baby Gate Safety

It is understandable that installing a baby safety fence in your home is a top priority. After all, you want to protect your little one at all costs. With the number of options available today, finding the right one seems likely if you know what to look for. Baby fence designs do tend to improve every few years with even more options and features. However, years of experience have demonstrated that despite what safeguards you put in place during pool season or the rest of the year, baby gates are only there to support your safety efforts. As always, never leave your child alone unattended, even with these modern safety measures in place.

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