Baby Acne – How To Quickly Treat

Does baby soap help with acne? –  Yes, does baby soap help with acne in light and mild cases.  Acne is a condition that can plague the skin at any age.  Baby acne often develops within two to four weeks after birth. Symptoms include small red bumps or pustules on a baby’s cheeks, nose, and forehead [1]. It may appear worse when a baby is fussing or crying.

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Baby Acne Fact 1: No one knows what causes it.

Baby Acne

About 20% of newborns experience baby acne, and no conclusive research has determined the cause [2].

Some opine leftover hormones from the womb are to blame while others believe it is due to medications taken during breastfeeding.

No one actually knows. It is a mystery.

Baby Acne Fact 2: It will go away on its own


Baby Acne Fact 2 It will go away on its own

It may look unsightly, and it may dampen baby portrait taking for the immediate future, but baby acne is completely normal.

It is as natural as those breakouts we got when we were teenagers.


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Baby Acne Fact 3: It looks like teenage pimples

Baby Acne Is Painful

Acne looks exactly like teenage pimples.

However, there are more don’ts than dos in treating baby acne.

Frankly, the general course of treatment is merely waiting it out.

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Baby Acne Treatment Don’ts:

#5 – Don’t overwash

Don't over wash baby acne

Wash your baby’s face and other affected areas once a day. But do not overwash for long periods of time.

Wash with warm water and mild baby soap. Gently pat dry.

Eschew all the unnecessary actions especially during your baby’s first month. There will be plenty else to do.


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#4 – Do not use acne treatment

Do not use acne treatment

Do not use acne treatments meant for older children on babies.

Do not trust in the brand you googled online that is supposedly “meant for babies” without further research.  Just don’t.

#3 – Do not scrub baby acne

Do not scrub baby acne

A baby’s skin, especially a newborn’s, is delicate.

You might inflame the acne causing further irritation and discomfort. Worse, scrubbing may lead to infection.

Remember that time will heal all. Stay zen.  It just is.

#2 – Do not use oil or baby lotion

Do not use oil or baby lotion

Acne is not caused by dryness. Using oil or lotion can clog your baby’s pores.


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#1 – Do wait it out

Baby Acne

It is not going to bother your baby.

Wait a few weeks for the Instagram moment, and do not let it bother you.

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When is it not acne?

When is it not baby acne

Baby acne has a blistery look or pus-like caps similar to teenage pimples. If the skin irritation does not present in this way, it may be something else.  A reddened breakout in areas where sweat tends to gather maybe heat rash.  Heat rash is primarily caused by overactive sweat glands.

Heat rash is easy to treat. Dilute one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water and dab on the affected area. Pat dry. Also, do not over bundle your baby.

If a rash is white, not red, then it could be milia. Think of it as baby whiteheads. Follow the dos and don’ts for baby acne. It will also go away. Unfortunately, no definitive research has indicated the cause. Baby milia is also a mystery.

The Last Word

Baby Acne Cause

Skin may be aggravated by saliva, drool or leftover milk.

This is something you can prevent.  Simply dampen cotton or a soft cloth with warm water and dab clean.

A strong detergent used in laundering your baby’s clothes can also irritate the skin. Check all clothing to make sure they are soft and gentle.

Baby mitts should be clean and dry to avoid irritating the skin.

There has been some headway in the use of probiotics both topical and ingested to treat baby acne and rosacea [3]. However, more research is needed.

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Everything You Need To Know About Baby Acne

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