Are Diaper Subscriptions Worth It – Since the dawn of times, newborns have forced parents to make choices.  One of the biggest decisions parents have to decide is how to cover their baby. These days, you can opt for cloth diapers, disposable diapers or an all-in-one diaper depending on your preference and your budget.

In ancient times, mothers kept their baby’s bottoms naked. This was especially true in tropical countries. History reveals that eventually, parents wrapped their babies with moss, animal skins or milkweed leaves. In Europe, they swaddled their babies not just catch urine and bowel movements but to keep them warm. Those who live in the colder regions like Canada, Siberia and Alaska also used moss before the cover their baby’s bottoms with sealskin. A similar practice was followed by Native Americans who covered their babies with rabbit skin and packed grass.

BASIC Diaper Subscription


Times have changed. Now we have a variety of choices. As you take on the role of being a caregiver to your baby, you will realize that diapers and wipes go together. You need wipes at all times to keep your baby clean to avoid rashes that come with incontinence.

Depending on the cloth diaper, you may need to use pins. Others come with specific fasteners. A lot of cloth diapers still work in tandem with diaper covers. Many of these are cotton diapers promote airflow but sometimes leak as well. Cloth diapers are easily washable but parents must take care not to use harsh detergents.

Most parents find disposable diapers a better option. The use of disposable diapers allows parents to keep their babies clean at all times, without adding to their laundry tasks. Some disposable diapers contain harmful chemicals. Not only can these contribute to rashes, but can be dangerous should they are absorbed by babies.

Are Diaper Subscriptions Worth It
What Are Monthly Diaper Subscriptions

At some point, every parent realizes that they are running out of baby diapers. Normally, this happens during the most inconvenient time. The simple remedy for this is subscription diapers. With a diaper subscription, pre-chosen diapers and wipes are delivered to your home every month. Best of all, you can order online from the comfort of your home.

MADE OF allows you to choose the size and frequency of delivery. That’s all there is to it. You can be sure with MADE OF that the organic material is soft and gentle. Your baby won’t get poked as these diapers use a hook and loop fastening system. This fastening system and the use of soft elastic leg cuffs prevent leakage worries while allowing breathability to help cut down on instances of diaper rash.

DELUXE Diaper Subscription

Are Diaper Subscriptions Worth It? YES And Here’s Why

Are diaper subscriptions worth it? YES! When you have a baby, time is at a premium. Buying diapers via subscription are convenient and free up valuable time. You can spend your time bonding with your baby or do other tasks that require your attention.

When you have diaper subscription, you can be sure that you will not run out of diapers and wipes ever again. MADE OF offers diaper delivery directly to your doorstep within 2 days or at a pre-arranged time. Simple calculate when you’ll run short and set up a regular delivery time.

Best Diaper Subscription
The Best Diaper Subscription Service

The best diaper subscriptions for 2018 are from MADE OF. But, are diaper subscriptions worth it? This brand is known for providing moms with the best baby products from diapers and wipes to shampoos and creams. The MADE OF brand believes that the wellness of every family depends on the products they use every day. To be effective, these products have to be organic and made from plant-based ingredients.

One of the best things about MADE OF is their transparency in making the ingredients in their products known to their customers, The brand believes that mandatory transparency including the source, manufacturing process and certifications of their products should be made known to the buyers. You can always be sure that the brand adheres to organic standards. Their diapers and wipes come with an NSF organic certification, No-Cruelty certification and the products are also EWG verified, Vegan verified, USDA organic certified and Gluten-free certified.

Through its diaper subscription service, MADE OF aims to provide parents with affordable organic diapers while allowing them an enjoyable shopping experience. Their diapers are made of organic and natural ingredients, safe and do not contain phthalates, sulfates, parabens, pesticides, synthetic fragrances and other

Best, Faster and Cheaper Than Amazon Prime

MADE OF diaper brand is not offered on Amazon Prime so you don’t have to worry about paying for delivery. Diapers, and wipes from MADE OF are shipped free. The products will be delivered to your doorstep in accordance with their two-day shipping policy.

The diapers and wipes are easily ordered through the MADE OF website

Unlike other diaper subscription where you have to pay for an Amazon Prime membership, you only need to pay for the products you actually order with MADE OF.

MADE OF Basic Diaper Subscription
MADE OF BASIC Diaper Subscription

Getting a MADE OF disposable diaper subscription is a no-brainer since it is not only easy to purchase, but also comes with everything you need. The Basic Diaper Subscription is available at $80 and comes with 4 packs of 80 count wipes, 6 diaper packs, organic diaper cream, 2 travel packs of 20, and organic baby powder. You also get to choose the dates when you want the company to ship the Basic Diaper Subscription to your home free of charge.

The box contains “The Better Baby Diaper” with up to a 10-hour absorbency. That makes them the perfect overnight diapers. These diapers are made without harmful phthalates, petrochemicals, or parabens. You also get the 80-count “Soothing Organic Baby Wipes” which are alcohol-free and have been saturated with organic oils and plant-based ingredients.

Diaper Subscription Gift
Diaper Subscription Gift

MADE OF diaper subscription is a fantastic gift idea for family and friends. Your friends will surely appreciate that you value their baby’s health while ensuring that in the busy days after bringing baby home, they’ll never run out of diapers.


MADE OF Deluxe Diaper Subscription
MADE OF DELUXE Diaper Subscription

You can also opt for The Better Diaper Subscription which is available for $80 but with a real value of $140. By getting this diaper subscription, you are able to get an annual savings of up to $600. The diapers and wipes are not only ultra-absorbent with a guarantee of being leak-free for up to 10 hours, but they are also ideal for sensitive skin. The subscription comes with a monthly supply of organic diaper cream, organic wipes, and diapers. Best of all, MADE OF offers free two-day shipping. Plus, ordering is easy as payment may be by PayPal or credit card.

Grandparents who are looking for that perfect gift for their children or other family members need not look elsewhere else. The MADE OF diaper subscription is definitely the best gift that money can buy, especially for moms who are caught up in life’s hectic schedule. If you are still wondering and asking “are diaper subscriptions worth it?” then you probably haven’t tried MADE OF yet.

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