3 Months PregnantExpecting mothers often look forward to being 3 months pregnant as this is the time when women feel confident sharing the news of a pregnancy with family and friends. During the first trimester, there is a higher risk of miscarriage which is one of the reasons why some women choose not to share their pregnancies. Moving into the second trimester, various symptoms may be mild to severe depending on the condition of the mother.

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Common Pregnancy Symptoms At 3 Months Of Pregnancy

There are several symptoms that may appear during the third month of pregnancy. Not all of these symptoms may present, and the severity can vary from one woman to the next.

Expect the following in the third month of pregnancy:

  • Increase in energy
  • Spider veins
  • Weight gain
  • Dizziness
  • Sense of calm
  • Varicose veins
  • Changing skin pigmentation
  • Frequent urination

Some women may still experience morning sickness, but this can disappear. For some women, these symptoms may not appear at all. Some of these symptoms can be challenging, but others such as the increase in energy can be a welcome relief to those who are in their third month of pregnancy.

Week By Week Of The Third Month Of PregnancyWeek By Week Of The Third Month Of Pregnancy

3 Months Pregnant – 13 Weeks

Women who have reached their 13th week of pregnancy are often pleased to discover the morning sickness and fatigue have lessened. At a third of the way through a pregnancy, the fetus is developing vocal cords, fingerprints and teeth. As mentioned before, some women prefer to keep their first trimester a secret usually due to the fear of pregnancy loss which is frequent during the first three months. Whatever the reason is for not sharing the news, it is safe to tell your family and friends that you are expecting in the third month.

A 13th-week fetus is the same size as a lemon at about 2.9 inches long and .81 ounces. A baby’s head at this point will be about a third of the size of the body. A 3 months pregnant bump is usually noticeable as the uterus protrudes from the pelvis. At this point, pregnant mothers should be gaining weight [1].

3 Months Pregnant – 14 Weeks

At 14 weeks pregnant, consider doing pelvic floor exercises as recommended by your doctor. This type of exercise helps strengthen the pelvic muscles to support the growing fetus inside the uterus. There are several pregnancy problems that can be avoided if you pay attention to your body at this point in the pregnancy.

A woman’s body will undergo physical changes when it is 3 months pregnant. The possible changes include darkening skin on the cheeks that extends from the nose to the mouth. This is a common occurrence in women who are taking oral birth control pills. Women may feel warmer at this stage as the heart is working double time to deliver oxygen to the mother and fetus. A 3 months pregnant belly size is the size of a peach. The fetus’s eyelids are closed at this point as the eyes are very sensitive. During an ultrasound, the neck will appear more prominent, and the baby’s heartbeat is twice as fast as the mother’s.

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3 Months Pregnant – 15 Weeks

At 3 months pregnant in the 15th week of pregnancy, heartburn and indigestion may occur along with the appearance of varicose veins and occasional migraine headaches. A mother should be gaining weight steadily to support the growth of the baby. Your doctor will recommend a pound a week of weight gain, but this can vary from week to week. Pay extra attention to your oral hygiene as some pregnant women experience swollen or bleeding gums, gingivitis or other oral problems because of pregnancy hormones.

The fetus’s body is becoming more developed. The ears are properly positioned, and the eyes are moving forward to the front of the face. The arms and legs will practice kicking, curling and the like. If this is your first pregnancy, these movements may go unnoticed as it is still early in pregnancy.

3 Months Pregnant – 16 Weeks

At this stage of pregnancy, brace yourself for a growth spurt. A fetus will gain twice their weight and grow longer. At 16 weeks, a fetus is the size of an avocado measuring 4 ½ inches from the head to the rump and weighing around 3 ½ ounces. A 3 months pregnant belly size will reflect the growth of the fetus. The legs will be more developed and grow toenails, and a fetus’ heart will pump about 25 quarts of blood every day. This increases as time moves forward.
A 3 months pregnancy bump continues to grow as the top of the uterus is at least halfway between the pubic bone and the navel. At this point in the pregnancy, there are fewer mood swings because of hormones, and morning sickness has normally disappeared. Mothers may experience a “quickening” or a feeling of movement inside their wombs. Some women may not feel movement until the 18th week.

Doctors monitor pregnant women’s weights steadily as too much or too little weight gain may cause complications. Focus on getting healthy foods into your system including a nutritious breakfast filled with fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates. Prioritize whole grains, vegetables and lean meat as they contain nutrients that are vital for pregnancy. Although some may think that gaining pregnancy weight is a piece of cake, some mothers struggle to put on the pounds. If this is the case, milkshakes add to calorie consumption and increase your calcium intake. Dried fruits can also be an option for gaining weight. If possible, take a trip with your partner as it may be some time before you enjoy traveling.

3 Months Pregnant – 17 weeks

A 3 months pregnant belly size is growing steadily at 17 weeks. The size of the baby is about the size of an onion. Infants at this stage are adding pounds to their bodies and weigh around 140 grams. This fits easily in the palm of your hand. Faces start to look more human as the eyebrows and eyelashes are growing, but the eyes remain closed. A little one’s heart will beat about 140 to 150 beats per minute which is faster than a mother’s. The baby’s gender can now be determined.

Some mothers describe movements in the womb as a fluttering or bubbles forming in the belly. Signs of movement become more pronounced as the weeks pass. Once a baby starts moving, a pattern will emerge to the movements which create anticipation.

At this stage of pregnancy, mothers are more active. Keep in mind that staying fit and healthy during the course of pregnancy can help during birth. Now is the time to practice pregnancy exercises while the energy is there.

Performing light to moderate exercises can strengthen the pelvis and support the womb, bladder, and lower bowel.

A lot of women become emotional and stressed during pregnancy not only due to the hormones but also because pregnancy is a new, very big experience that can be overwhelming and scary. If you find yourself feeling stressed, talk to someone. Too much stress can cause your blood pressure to increase and endanger you and the fetus.

Having intercourse may also enter your mind as your libido increases. Pregnant partners are very capable of having intimate moments.

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3 Months Pregnant Conclusion
3 Months Pregnant Conclusion

From the pregnancy test just weeks after conception to the 3rd month of pregnancy, there are considerable changes. Mothers experience various changes in their bodies such as vaginal discharge from the cervix, frequent urination, morning sickness, food cravings, mood swings, fatigue, heartburn and weight gain.

The first trimester of pregnancy is critical as it is when the fetus needs to latch properly. This is why many pregnant women keeping the news quiet until the second trimester because they want to be assured that their fetus will grow. The third month of pregnancy is the best time to announce a pregnancy.

Entering the 13th to 17th week of pregnancy comes with both challenges and milestones. Although some may still experience nausea and heartburn, there are those who feel more energetic at this stage of pregnancy. A doctor will recommend paying attention to nutrition to promote slow weight gain for the growing fetus.

Regular checkups are encouraged, and tests for fetal abnormalities can be administered during the 3rd month of pregnancy. This will inform parents about what steps to take to encourage healthy development. Exercising including pelvic floor workouts will help your body support your growing baby bump and ensure that your uterus, bowel and bladder will function normally throughout the course of pregnancy and after.

Pregnancy can be an amazing experience for women as their bodies change to accommodate growing life. Pay attention to the different changes to your body and to your baby’s development as the weeks progress, and contact your doctor with any questions.

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